Who is SaudiMajix?

Who is SaudiMajix???

If this question crossed your mind here is the answer

The name is Majid F. Al-Saeedi,

Saudi national and happily single ^.^

I was born In Riyadh on the 21st January 1979, it was cold, and raining as it never rained before on Riyadh.

I have been living In Khobar for the past 20+ years,  moved when I Finished the sixth grade to live with my mom ^.^ Right now I live in Riyadh.

My Education

I have a high diploma in Hospitality Management for HIM a Swiss institute campus in Manam, Bahrain

I also Have a diploma in MIS “Management Information System” from IIMIT Khobar, Saudi Arabia

I also enrolled in NYiT Manama, Bahrain to get a degree in Human Resources Management

as for work I was blessed by working for international companies, to name a few Four Seasons, Lufthansa German Airlines, RoseWood and most recantly Le Merdiean.

Right now I own my own Fashion company Star Majix Fashion, its in its starting phase will keep you guys posted on how it goes.



I’m big fan of reading novels,

I enjoy music a lot I play the guitar and been learning the Oud now.

I love the internet, my window to the world, thats why I’m here ^.^

Where and How to find or contact me:

you may e-mail me on:


hope you enjoy what you read in this blog and do comment, it might just make my day ^.^

Ahhhh, that been said!