A matter of time!

I had a very interesting conversation with my father today, it was about women right to drive, and I told him I know for a fact they will be driving the question is when?! I told him about how satellite was banned by Islamic extremist, now most of the people on satellite are those Islamic extremist, I told him about mobile phones with camera how it was banned too, now it’s everywhere, so I believe that women driving is a matter of time.

My father told me that WE “Saudi’s” are known for something that no other countries in the world have,

I wondered what it was,

He said extreme opposition to anything new,

I said: I know that!

He told me: son, you have no idea how extreme it was in the past!

He then told me few stories that made see what he meant by extreme, it made all what we are facing now is just a walk in the park,

He told me that King Abdul-Aziz was about to get assassinated two times,

The first time by Islamic extremist because they knew for a fact that he used an alarm clock!!! Yes, an old fashion alarm clock, they thought he was using the underworld to make that solid object RING! Until the king proved to them it was not the work of magic they let it go, and they owned there own clocks!

The second time was again by the same Islamic extremist when they knew he uses a radio!!!

My father told me another story about a guy who lived on a farm, as he finish his work at the farm goes to his room at the edge of the farm and stay there for hours, the Islamic extremist in his area were not comfortable with the fact of that man spending long hours alone, they went to his room and searched and found what he was doing and killed him on the spot, they found a deck of playing cards!!! It was work of the devil they said and he use black magic!!!

My father also added that smoking was banned and whoever caught smoking would be lashed in the city square

Alarm clock, Radio, telegraph, Women education, Television, Satellite, camera phones and now women driving, it’s only a matter of time!

Ahhhh, that been said!



قصيدة …..فلجا الفهيديه الشمرية بسعود الصعيدي

this a story of my Fathers uncle, rare these days to find such a man

googled the family name, i was amaized ^.^

سعود صالح الصعيدي من سكان مدينة حائل رجل اتصف بالشهامة والمروءة وانكارالذات والفزعة وكانت لدية سيارة شحن وانيت فورد
ينقل عليها البضائع والركاب بين مدينة حائل وما حولها من المدن والقرى واكثر ما يكون طريقه بين حائل ومدينة جبه
وذات يوم بينما كان في جبة واذا بالشاعرة المعروفة فلجا بنت مطلب الشمريه (ام شيحان) خارجة من بيتها على قارعة الطريق تحمل فوق رأسها تنكة تمر (صفيحة مملؤة بالتمر) عائدة بها الى بيتها فتوقف عندها ولم يكن بينهما سوى معرفة عادية
فقال لها اين تريدين يا ام شيحان ومالذي معك؟؟ فقالت له هذه تنكة تمر كنت اريد ارسالها لابني شيحان بالكويت ليفطر عليها في شهر رمضان لكن سيارة الشحن التى تذهب للكويت فاتتني ولعلي ارسلها مع سيارة اخرى اذا تيسر لي ذلك قبل دخول شهر رمضان
فلما سمع كلامها هزته النخوة والمرؤة فقال لها ضعيها في ظهر السيارة فقالت له وهل ستذهب الى الكويت قريبا قبل رمضان او سترسلها عن طريقك ؟ فما زاد ان قال ربما ونزل عن سيارته ووضع التنكة بالسيارة وقال لها اتريدين ان ترسلي لابنك اي شيء اخر ؟ او تقولين له شيئا ؟ فقالت سلامتك فودعته ودخلت بيتها
ومن مكانه توجه الى الكويت ليقطع مايزيد 1500 كم بسيارته من اجل ان يوصل التنكة لابن هذه العجوز التى تريد ان تبر ابنها بهذه التميرات في شهر رمضان ولم يحن المساء من ذلك اليوم حتى وصلت الرسالة الى صاحبها الذي ارسل لامه هديه من ملابس للعيد
وتحرك سعود بسيارته عائدا الى جبه في اليوم التالي ولم يخيم الظلام حتى طرق سعود على ام شيحان الباب وسلمها هدية ابنها والخطاب الذي يحمله منه فكادت ان تطير من الفرح والذهول وهي لاتكاد
تصدق نفسها فقالت تمدحه:

راكــب الــي لا شــرود ولا عـــزوم……مـنـوة الــي لا ركـبـهـا مـــا يـنــام

خشمهـا مابـه نفـس بـس الرقـوم……زاهـيـات مـثـل بالـبـنـت الـوشــام

حـلـو زولــه مــع رهـاريـه الـحـزوم……مخهـا زيــت ولا خـلـق بــه عـظـام

لابـو صالـح كاسـبٍ كــل السـلـوم……طيـب قلـب وخـف نفـس واحتـرام

ابـــو صـالــح مـــا يـنـبـه بـمـعـلـوم…..ياخـذ المفتـاح يركـب بــه شـمـام

ابـو صـالـح مـنـوة الــي لــه لــزوم…..منـوة المقصـر ومـنـوة مــن يـضـام

مـا يطيـر الحـر مـن عـش الـرخـوم…….والـحـد يــا مــا تـسـاوى بالقـطـام

ابـوصـالـح مـاكــرٍ مـــا بـــه ثــلــوم…….حافظينـه مـن خـوال ومــن عـمـام

اجعـلـك تلـحـق هـواهـا كــل يــوم……..يجـعـل عـمـرك جـديـدٍ كــل عـــام

فكـك الله مـن الحـوادث والـصـدوم……….وفـكـك الله مــن خـرابـه والـعــدام

مــن رجــال ٍ مــع مواجيـبـه تـقـوم………و لا يقوم القصر الي ساسه هدام

المـراجـل ساسـهـا قـــو الـعــزوم………..والمـراجـل مـثـل لمـبـات الـظـلام

والرجـل مـا ينومسـه زيـن الهـدوم………و لا ينومـس كـود فعلـه يـا ســلام

وختمـهـا ازكــى صـلاتـي دب دوم…………للنـبـي الهاشـمـي سـيـد الانــام


waiting for a number!

I wanted to have a permit to drive my mom’s car,

when i got there i found that my Driving licence was expired,

whnt on Tuesday to renew it, around 9 am, i was told there was no numbers! and i have to come early in the morning to get one if i wanted to be serviced,

so i went next day Wednesday at 8 am, same thing, all numbers was taken,

so I went today, at 7 am, the time og this photo was taken at 7:27 am, s yes i was standing there for 27 minutes. these were the people infront of me, you should see thepeople behind me and waiting outside,

I gave up and just left, on reason was i couldn’t breath,

hope something is done to fix this mess, cuz this is just not right!!!

ahhhh, that been said!


What I Watch

this is a list of the top 5 shows i watch,

there will be a link about the show and from where you can get it,

the list is not in order i just like them all,

1. Glee season 2:
its a musical show, if you like a nice show with great music, old and up-to-date, it is a fun show, i must add its not for everybody, i love the messages that the show send.

more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glee_(season_2)
where to get it: i use torrent downloader from http://www.isohunt.com just write for example : glee s02e11

2. Supernatural season 6:
now this is one crazy show, if you are okay with god being lost and no where to be found and angels and demons fight for power, its not accepted by all people this show would make speechless.

more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernatural_(season_6)
where i get it: i use torrent downloader from http://www.isohunt.com just write for example : supernatural s02e11

3. Bleach
this is a supernatural animation, one of the top animation out there, is a great show, with a lot of stories and great people to get in touch with

more info: http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
where i get it: i use torrent downloader from http://www.isohunt.com just write for example : bleach 319

4. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi – World’s Greatest First Love:
its an animation, a very touching story about boy loves boy “YEP, gay love between males” its a great show i love it, its very touching at some points you might tear up,

more info: http://www.crunchyroll.com/sekai-ichi-hatsukoi-worlds-greatest-first-love
where i get it: i watch it online stream at this great website http://www.crunchyroll.com/sekai-ichi-hatsukoi-worlds-greatest-first-love

5. NCIS season 8:
thank to a friend i am back watching this, mike had to die so i would watch it ” you would know what i mean when you watch the show” its a very cool and i must add very well excuted show

more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCIS_(season_8)
where i get it: i use torrent downloader from http://www.isohunt.com just write for example : ncis s08e11

this is what i have been watching, there are few more might write about it in coming blogs,

Ahhhh, that been said!



is been sometime since i last posted anything,

its not like there is nothing to write about, there is a lot of things i would like to write,


nothing comes out!!! I sit in-front of my PC and nothing!!! blank!!!

I think its a phase, and by writing this I hope this would be the end of this phase.

lets hope it is ^.^

ahhhh, that been said!


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STC 101

WELCOME to STC, press 1 for arabic, press 2 for English, “pressed 2”

For bla bla bla press 1 for bla bla bla press 2 for BLA bla bla press 3, for bla bla bla press 4 “pressed 4”

For bla bla bla press 1, for Bla bla bla press 2, “pressed 2”

For Bla bla bla press 1, for bla bla bla press 2, for bla bla bla press 3. “pressed3”


an agent will answer you in a few moment, now to ensure quality your conversation will be recorded………………………………………………………………………………….






“sorry we can’t help you right now, PLEASE! call later!”


toot toot toot toot toot


duration “over 6 minute”


i’m off to bed!

Ahhhh, that been said!



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friends levels!

We all have friends,

but some friends are closer then others.

In the past few weeks I tried to see the levels of my friends, I found out not all are truly friend.

Friendship these days are all about benefits, and what they can get out of your friendship.

The true meaning of friendship is lost!

I’m just glad I have few true friends,

Some friends become enemies, some just gone into thin air.

But true friends are always there, I’m thankful I have a few, few meaning less then four.

Hope u all know who si your true friend is

Ahhhh, that been said!


Think twice!

I recived this on my email the other day, rarely share everything I get, but some time one email stand out and it a share must.

Its in arabic, I will do the translation to my best.

شابة كانت تنتظر طائرتها في مطار دولي كبير ولأنها كانت ستنتظر كثيرا – اشترت كتابا ً لتقرأ فيه واشترت أيضا علبة بسكويت

A young lady was waiting for her flight at one big international airport, because she will be waiting a while she bought her self a book to read, and a small box of biscuit.

جلست وبدأت تقرأ كتابها أثناء انتظارها للطائرة
وكان يجلس بجانبها رجل يقرأ في كتابه

She sat and started to read her book waiting for her flight, a man was sitting next to her reading his own book.

عندما بدأت فى قضم أول قطعة بسكويت التي كانت موضوعة على الكرسي بينها وبين الرجل

When she started to take her first bite of her biscuit from the box that was on the chair between her and the man.

فوجئت بأن الرجل بدأ في قضم قطعة بسكويت من نفس العلبة التي كانت هي تأكل منها

Surprised to find the man started to bite on one of the biscuits, from the same box she was eating from.

بدأت هي بعصبية تفكر أن تلكمه لكمة في وجهه لقلة ذوقه

She started to get nervous, and thinking of punching him in the face for his ill manners.

كل قضمة كانت تأكلها هي من علبة البسكويت كان الرجل يأكل قضمة أيضا ً

Every time she reaches for a biscuit and bite on it, he would do the same.

زادت عصبيتها لكنها كتمت في نفسها

She got more nervous, but held it all in.

عندما بقى في كيس البسكويت قطعة واحدة فقط نظرت إليها وقالت في نفسها
“ماذا سيفعل هذا الرجل قليل الذوق الآن”

When there was last biscuit in the box,looking at it she wondered “what this ill mannered man would do now”

لدهشتها قسم الرجل القطعة إلى نصفين ثم أكل النصف وترك لها النصف
قالت في نفسها “هذا لا يحتمل”

To her surprise the man broke the biscuit in half, took half for him, and left her the other for her.
She told her self” this is unbearable”

كظمت غيظها وأخذت كتابها وبدأت بالصعود إلى الطائره

She held her anger, took her book and headed to board the plane.

عندما جلست في مقعدها بالطائرة فتحت حقيبتها لتأخذ نظارتها
وفوجئت بوجود علبة البسكويت الخاصة بها كما هي مغلفة بالحقيبة !!

As she sat on the plane seat and wanted to get her glasses from her bag.
She was surprised to find her unopened box of biscuit in her bag!
صـُدمت وشعرت بالخجل الشديد
أدركت فقط الآن بأن علبتها كانت في شنطتها
وأنها كانت تأكل مع الرجل من علبته هو !!

She was shocked and ashamed,
She just now understood that her box of biscuit was in her bag all the time and she was eating out of the mans box of biscuits.

أدركت متأخرة بأن الرجل كان كريما ً جدا ً معها
وقاسمها فى علبة البسكويت الخاصة به بدون أن يتذمر أو يشتكى !!

Its was late that she understood that the man was very generous with her, that he shared his own box of biscuit with out complaining.

وإزداد شعورها بالعار والخجل
أثناء شعورها بالخجل لم تجد وقت أو كلمات مناسبة
لتعتذر للرجل عما حدث من قله ذوقها !

She felt more ashamed and embarrassed that she didn’t say a word of apology to the man of her manner!

هناك دائما ً 4 أشياء لا يمكن إصلاحها

There is always 4 things that can’t be repaired:

1- لا يمكنك إسترجاع الحجر بعد إلقائه
1.You can’t get back a stone after throwing it.

2 – لا يمكنك إسترجاع الكلمات بعد نطقها

2.You can’t get back words after its been said.

3 – لا يمكن إسترجاع الفرصة بعد ضياعها

3.You can’t get back a chance after its lost.

4 – لا يمكن إسترجاع الشباب أو الوقت بعد أن يمضى !

4.You can’t get back time or youth after its gone.

لذلك اعرف كيف تتصرف
So know how to behave
ولا تُضع الفرص من يديك
And don’t lose chance,
ولا تتسرع بإصدار القرارات والأحكام على الآخرين

And don’t judge other people so hastily

 إذا كنت لاتقرأ إلا مايُعجبك فقط ..

If you only read what you like…

فإنك إذاً لن تتعلم أبداً.

Then you will never learn.

Ahhhh, that been said!


coming soon!


Saher on the road,

Saher at schools,

Saher at telecommunication companies,

Seeing all this,

I think soon at your home!!!!

For the first time I’m speechless.

More control on you everyday life,

Saher “I called Sareg” meaning thief,

As both STEAL your money with out your knowledge.

Now wonder, THAY are pushing for women to drive,

More income!!!

Ahhhh, that been said!


I Feel Pretty!

If you are big fan of musicals, this one could be at least one of your top five.

Saw the movie for the 9654258713 time, and felt like sharing this song.

I Feel Pretty lyrics

I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and gay
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me today
I feel charming
Oh so charming
It’s alarming how charming I feel
And so pretty
That I hardly can believe I’m real
See the pretty girl in that mirror there?
Who can that attractive girl be?
Such a pretty face
Such a pretty dress
Such a pretty smile
Such a pretty me!
I feel stunning
And entrancing
Feel like running
And dancing for joy
For I’m loved
By a pretty wonderful boy
Have you met my good friend Maria
The craziest girl on the block?
You’ll know her the minute you see her
She’s the one who is in an advanced state of shock
She thinks she’s in love
She thinks she’s in Spain
She isn’t in love
She’s merely insane
It must be the heat
Or some rare disease
Or too much to eat
Or maybe it’s fleas

Keep away from her
Send for Chino
This is not the Maria we know
Modest and pure
Polite and refined
Well-bred and mature
And out of her mind!
Miss America, Miss America, speech!
¡Ay, qué linda te ves!
Miss America, bravo, speech!
I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
That the city should give me its key
A committee
Should be organized to honour me
I feel dizzy
I feel sunny
I feel fizzy and funny and fine
And so pretty
Miss America can just resign
See the pretty girl in that mirror there
(What mirror, where?)
Who can that attractive girl be?
(Which, what, where, whom?)
Such a pretty face
Such a pretty dress
Such a pretty smile
Such a pretty me!
I feel stunning
And entrancing
Feel like running and dancing for joy
For I’m loved

Ahhhh, that been said!