To Divorce is not an easy task!

As some of you may know I have got married on March of 2012, when it was around end of July my ex-Wife asked for a divorce,

I guess it didn’t work, if she doesn’t want me why should I force her, so I started on the journey of getting her divorced,

It was Ramadan last year when we both tried to file for divorce, we found out I had to come after Ramadan.

I did that after Eid, and i had to fill some paper works and had an interview on why I’m filing for divorce.

I said that she doesn’t want this marriage, he said I should wait as she might change her mind, I said her mind is fixed and for that matter mine too.

I was giving an appointment after a month, when I went there month later I was given a paper with yet another appointment to the shaik office.

three weeks later, I was given a lecture how divorce… and given me a 3 to 4 moth to try and reconcile with my Ex. when a person working told me the delay is actually due to the fact I did not say “TALQ” three times, they had hopes that things would work out. I cleared things with the judge and said it that she is TALQ TALQ TALQ.

now i got the final appointment to visit the judge with two witnesses that are not blood related to me to get the divorce paper AT LAST.

when its done, they will contact her father or brother to claim the paper plus ask her if there is anything pending between us.

I was talking to a friend of mine who gone through a divorce, he informed me it took him 2 years, a person at the court told me it been 7 moth for him, he added if there were kids it might take even longer.

when I asked the judge why they would do that, he informed me that 95% of people who come for a divorce we give them a 3 to 4 month appointment never come back, we know by then that they both husband and wife worked things out.

I told him not in my case, the delay caused more issues for the both of us, he said we are sorry but we don’t know that.

so my dear reader what do you think of the court action in regards of delay?

ahhhh, that been said!




is been sometime since i last posted anything,

its not like there is nothing to write about, there is a lot of things i would like to write,


nothing comes out!!! I sit in-front of my PC and nothing!!! blank!!!

I think its a phase, and by writing this I hope this would be the end of this phase.

lets hope it is ^.^

ahhhh, that been said!


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STC 101

WELCOME to STC, press 1 for arabic, press 2 for English, “pressed 2”

For bla bla bla press 1 for bla bla bla press 2 for BLA bla bla press 3, for bla bla bla press 4 “pressed 4”

For bla bla bla press 1, for Bla bla bla press 2, “pressed 2”

For Bla bla bla press 1, for bla bla bla press 2, for bla bla bla press 3. “pressed3”


an agent will answer you in a few moment, now to ensure quality your conversation will be recorded………………………………………………………………………………….






“sorry we can’t help you right now, PLEASE! call later!”


toot toot toot toot toot


duration “over 6 minute”


i’m off to bed!

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Me an uncle!

My younger brother wife gave birth on the 4th of January 2011 to a healthy, cute baby boy, the name him Fahad after my fathers name.

What a cute baby. My mom is static to have her first grandson, she is so excited I think she is looking for a wife for him 🙂

This caused a kind of new pressure on me, not directly.

My brother Abdulaziz called from Riyadh to wish his congrats, and added “as much we all happy for Tariq, we all wished it was you”!

Its unbelievable, its not only my brother, its all the family.

we all are happy for my brother, god only knows how happy I am for him.

For me I can’t understand what’s the big deal here, I might be the oldest of my brothers and sisters but I choose not to get married.

And even if I did, I don’t think I would like to have a child, I have my reasons.

Life for me have other meanings, and having a wife and a child is not on my priority list.

I really don’t know what future holds for me.

But I know one thing for sure, I’ll get married only when I want, not when my family want.

I could get married just to let my family get off my back, you think it would stop there?!!!

I might be not really looking, but who knows!

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When wisdom is lost!

It all started a few minutes ago, I thought it would be funny, I put on my status on Facebook “Removed my last wisdom tooth, does that make me officially insane?!”

Now as always doing my worst habit, smoking shesha, I thoght of wisdom!

So as always felt like sharing 😉

Wisdom is something we gain from experience of life and things. Wisdom can be something about every day life or in a job were you might know a something or two.

This made me thinking can we at some point in life lose wisdom?

Love is one thing that wisdom is irrelevant, because love makes us blind right?

Yep, I need a wisdom tooth to be romoved to come up with such blog :p

Wana hear what you gals and guys think.

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A day at work!

There is nothing more satisfying then a productive day.

I’m workaholic, I enjoy working and getting the job done!

What’s make it more fun is being around people who also hard working, it give me the edge to perform even batter.

These are just to name a few:

When I sit in my office booting up my computer, and people pass by my office and wish me a very good morning with smile.

When the phone rings, and its a co-worker next to my office offering arabic coffee.

When the director him self pass each office to wish everyone a good morning “or maybe checking we are all in ;)”

When a staff have a problem and I help him/her. a warm thank you and smile makes it worth it.

Lunch time approach, where is it going to be?

Back in the office working, when the manager peer thru the door and asks “staying late?!” Look at the time.

Sitting here now at the cafe, enjoying my shesha, and looking forward for another day, with a smile 🙂

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2010 bye bye, 2011 welcome!

As we turn the page of our calendar to 2011, we all look back to what we have accomplished, what we have done, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I would like to share my moments of this year,

Like every year, my first month, january is the best, I enjoy the weather buit not as much as my birthday 😉

I started this blog this year, some writing were older then 2010 since I moved from blogger. Getting great support from you guys! Thank you.

I met great people online on world of warcraft, I had shared the fun of it, and they made back into a hardcore gamer.

I started my new job, its been the one I always wanted.

My younger brother is expecting a baby, I’m soon to be an uncle.

Meeting my follow halfes in Jeddah, meeting Faisal for the first time, as I’m sure there will be more meetings.

My friend Majid, had a car accident, he broke his right thigh, its scary to hear that you might lose a friend, I was with him, he is recovering!

Love life was not as bad as I expected, I did fall face down, when I thought I would never, maybe there is still hope for me! I wonder what’s 2011 hold for me.

Bleach is officially worth watching when I was almost giving it up!

2011 I am ready for you, so bring it on!

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The Saudi Box Office!


Its about TIME!   check the news HERE!


you should have seen my face when i saw the news, i was on fire. and thats a good thing.

it will open at alothaim mall in Dammam, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

first movie will be played is Hunted House as they said.

I’m still not sure yet, if it was April we might be fooled.

so no need for your passport to go and watch a movie and have pop-corn and coke.


WOW! it’s about damn time, and as i told a friend,

I thought Jeddah would be first, but guess i was wrong


ahhhh, that been said!




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You have the choice….NOT!


we all been reading the news this past month about Females working as cashers, at cash registers ate Supermarkets or what so ever.

we all heard that its HARAM as its been said by the highest top Islamic officials in the country,

after that, the newspapers and the web space was all about


what are these people thinking….

Then, came the head of the Islamic Fatwa in the country to say, we do out best, and people have the choice!!!


now here i had to stop and say this is just BS!


it’ never been a choice,

females must cover there faces, its said by them its haram for a female to show her face, yet when i woman goes out she is being herrased by CPVPV to cover her face, the choice was for her to not cover, if you seen the news this past week, the eyes are dangerous too, you could get stabbed!!!

I hate the fact they lie to our face.

whats the hell is going on!!!

ahhhh, that been said,


Ramadan! OMG!

as the title state,

OMG! what happen to people in Ramadan while they drive,

they think they are the ONLY one on the road!

on the 7th or the 8th of ramadan, its 5pm, going home from work, at a traffic signal, its green, but no one is moving! other car honking, but still no one is moving, i stepped down to see whats going on, in my mind its must be a car accident, but it was not, it was STREET FIGHTERS! and i mean every sinse of the word.

A guy in a microbus, shirtless, a taxi driver running for his car, while being pulled out by the collar of his shirt but a guy wearing a thoub, the shirtless guy kicks the back door of a passing car, i see a huge dent, and one more joined the fight!

i see the cars, there is nothing, not a single scratch????!!!

i returned to my car, made my way to a side street……


so I arrived home SAFE and SOUND, then my mom goes: your uncle is coming over with his family, could you go get some sweets?  and Fooul, your uncles like the one you get. as a good son i am: sure mom.

i changed and went out into the wild again.

Saad Aldeen is a great place, it might be ownd by a friend but HEY i like there sweets, you should see how packed it was! people shouting. for the first time i was giving a number, by a worker who gave it to me while covering his face as if i was going to punch him!!!

I looked at my number it was 61, looked at the LCD screen the were serving 45, i gave my number to the customer who just got into the shop…

went to Knafani, on pepsi road, you should see how people park, the three lane street has be came half lane, I passed.

I went got some Fooul, and tamees, the tamees guy shouted at me to take mine! and I mean SHOUTED!

I went back home,i told mom: here is the Fooul, about sweets, sugar is not good for us, anyway!

I skipped the part were I almost had three car accidents, stopping at a red light and everyone else is passing, and a mother an a chiled had no chance to cross the street!

whats wrong with people in Ramadan????

Ahhhh, that been said!


NOTE: this all true, it all happened, its not fiction!

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