Small Business Crack Down!

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Saudi crack down on businesses run by foreigners

Posted on June 25, 2013 by American Bedu

most people know that small businesses are the back bone of any economy, the crack down here is actually on the Saudi small business owner.

it starts with impossible requirement issued by each government entity from labor office, passport office, chamber of commerce and the rest of them, each live in there own realm.

as a small business owner let say a restaurant we are asked to have Saudi workers, from WHERE i’m going to find the Saudi worker? to work as a server, cashier, driver or onion cutter that’s the jobs that the restaurant offer, we are asked to register Saudi workers PAY GOSI, LABOR office and the list keep going and going.

a friend owns a barber shop asked to hire Saudi, my question to do WHAT?! its not like there are plenty of Saudi hairdressers who could not find a job!!!

even if i found someone, how much would i pay him in my tiny restaurant income? SR2000 or SR3000, the Saudi mentality would rather stay at home and get SR2000 from the government.

the restaurant workers get SR1000 to SR1200, a specilaist might get up to SR2500 to SR3000, plus RENT, PLUS ALL GOVERNEMNT PAPER WORKS, PLUS ALL UTILITY SERVICES.

no one has a clue of what the small business owners go through,

and for a fact if it wasn’t for thous expats working hard on the small businesses we would be lost with out them, from the person that clans our streets to the Doctor in the hospital.

and then see how they deal with big corporations, AHHHHH don’t let me get started on that.

this would only be good news if WE the Saudi People start actually working, which i don’t see in the near future or far.

I have worked as a waiter in a hotel I was look down as if I committed a crime.


the general idea of the government is great, to promote more Saudis to work or at least give them the chance, but where are those Saudi’s!?

Here we are being brought up with the understanding that we only ask and we get, we expect the government to do everything for us, you need a land they should provide with one, you need money to build that land they should give you that money, you need a job, the should provide with a governmental job,  you go to school for free, at some point paid to do so, and the list keep going.

as you see most are brought up with out the need,  or educated on the meaning the value of money and stuff in our life.

a small comparison:

when we start going to school till the day we finish university here in Saudi we don’t work a single job, only few does but most don’t, some summer jobs where you go the first few days and just go at the end of the month to collect.

in the western world, when in high-school most work part time jobs and are introduced to the working life, introduced to money and the value it has, some want to go to university they have to pay from there hard earned money to do so.

I think if our government would start fixing the education system it will work,

what you my dear reader think?

ahhhh, that been said!



To Divorce is not an easy task!

As some of you may know I have got married on March of 2012, when it was around end of July my ex-Wife asked for a divorce,

I guess it didn’t work, if she doesn’t want me why should I force her, so I started on the journey of getting her divorced,

It was Ramadan last year when we both tried to file for divorce, we found out I had to come after Ramadan.

I did that after Eid, and i had to fill some paper works and had an interview on why I’m filing for divorce.

I said that she doesn’t want this marriage, he said I should wait as she might change her mind, I said her mind is fixed and for that matter mine too.

I was giving an appointment after a month, when I went there month later I was given a paper with yet another appointment to the shaik office.

three weeks later, I was given a lecture how divorce… and given me a 3 to 4 moth to try and reconcile with my Ex. when a person working told me the delay is actually due to the fact I did not say “TALQ” three times, they had hopes that things would work out. I cleared things with the judge and said it that she is TALQ TALQ TALQ.

now i got the final appointment to visit the judge with two witnesses that are not blood related to me to get the divorce paper AT LAST.

when its done, they will contact her father or brother to claim the paper plus ask her if there is anything pending between us.

I was talking to a friend of mine who gone through a divorce, he informed me it took him 2 years, a person at the court told me it been 7 moth for him, he added if there were kids it might take even longer.

when I asked the judge why they would do that, he informed me that 95% of people who come for a divorce we give them a 3 to 4 month appointment never come back, we know by then that they both husband and wife worked things out.

I told him not in my case, the delay caused more issues for the both of us, he said we are sorry but we don’t know that.

so my dear reader what do you think of the court action in regards of delay?

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waiting for a number!

I wanted to have a permit to drive my mom’s car,

when i got there i found that my Driving licence was expired,

whnt on Tuesday to renew it, around 9 am, i was told there was no numbers! and i have to come early in the morning to get one if i wanted to be serviced,

so i went next day Wednesday at 8 am, same thing, all numbers was taken,

so I went today, at 7 am, the time og this photo was taken at 7:27 am, s yes i was standing there for 27 minutes. these were the people infront of me, you should see thepeople behind me and waiting outside,

I gave up and just left, on reason was i couldn’t breath,

hope something is done to fix this mess, cuz this is just not right!!!

ahhhh, that been said!


2010 bye bye, 2011 welcome!

As we turn the page of our calendar to 2011, we all look back to what we have accomplished, what we have done, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I would like to share my moments of this year,

Like every year, my first month, january is the best, I enjoy the weather buit not as much as my birthday 😉

I started this blog this year, some writing were older then 2010 since I moved from blogger. Getting great support from you guys! Thank you.

I met great people online on world of warcraft, I had shared the fun of it, and they made back into a hardcore gamer.

I started my new job, its been the one I always wanted.

My younger brother is expecting a baby, I’m soon to be an uncle.

Meeting my follow halfes in Jeddah, meeting Faisal for the first time, as I’m sure there will be more meetings.

My friend Majid, had a car accident, he broke his right thigh, its scary to hear that you might lose a friend, I was with him, he is recovering!

Love life was not as bad as I expected, I did fall face down, when I thought I would never, maybe there is still hope for me! I wonder what’s 2011 hold for me.

Bleach is officially worth watching when I was almost giving it up!

2011 I am ready for you, so bring it on!

Ahhhh, that been said!


cafe, closed!

Is you live in Khobar you might now know that the 11 coffee shops that serve shesha have closed down, not by choice but by force!

Yeah, one day they found out that the cafe’s are in a residential area!

I wonder who actually do the zoning!!!

He said ooookkay, we let people here and kick these business’s out! Trust me it happened that way!

2 huge cafe’s opened in the area, spent millions, and now closed! What a lose!
There investment down the drain.

Now, I have to drive around 50 kilometer to enjoy my shesha!

I don’t mind, its not the issue, the issue here and the point, your business never safe!

I’m feel sorry for the people who lost there jobs.

And guys let’s hope u find something else to do, but as u know, no malls, no roaming, no clubs, no movies, and now no cafe!

What’s left!

Ahhhh, that been said!


singing in the rain!

While here in Khobar we enjoy the rain, people in Jeddah are suffering!

A picture I saw today, some citizens helping a police officer get his patrol car working! I guess in Jeddah serve and protect works the other way around.

A tunnel was saved, on the expanse of people houses and lives!
I wonder what is the value of human being right now!

A news crew covering the damages, people talking were muted, but the officials are load and clear, now what’s the word for that!

Its been almost a year since what happen on Jeddah, head rolled back then, my guess this will be the case this time, but the question is How many people have to die before we take action, one person dying, is horrible, 1000 is just statistic!

A friend of mine took her 6 hours to reach her house, thank god she did, it took her before 2 hours and it was only traffic!

I see blogs, newspapers, and television complain but I never seen a solution!
Ahhhh, that been said!


You have the choice….NOT!


we all been reading the news this past month about Females working as cashers, at cash registers ate Supermarkets or what so ever.

we all heard that its HARAM as its been said by the highest top Islamic officials in the country,

after that, the newspapers and the web space was all about


what are these people thinking….

Then, came the head of the Islamic Fatwa in the country to say, we do out best, and people have the choice!!!


now here i had to stop and say this is just BS!


it’ never been a choice,

females must cover there faces, its said by them its haram for a female to show her face, yet when i woman goes out she is being herrased by CPVPV to cover her face, the choice was for her to not cover, if you seen the news this past week, the eyes are dangerous too, you could get stabbed!!!

I hate the fact they lie to our face.

whats the hell is going on!!!

ahhhh, that been said,


Women at work!

I remamber years back,

when my mom was still working a school principle, we used to talk when i pick her up, its not everyday i used to do that, but some time i did,

While driving back, my mom was kinda upset, upset as she wanted to do something but she couldn’t, so i asked her whats wrong?

she told me: the woman that work at the school, a saudi woman, the wife of the school guard, the mother of six maybe more, have a very low income, and i noticed her every weekend, she would ask me if she can leave early, its been going for over a month now, but today I asked her why?….

the woman said: that she and her girls would cook some baleela “chickpeas” and their father would bring some soft drinks and we put them in an ice box, and he would take us to a garden or beach front so me and my kids sell some thing, that would help us with life expanses.

I told mom: i think thats great thing, a family working togather, don’t you think?

she said: will its not all good, the municipality people kick them out, and take there stuff and destroy it, they play hide and seek with them.

Ok, I said, what can we do?

mom told me: thats what bothers me what can we do?

we stayed silent for the rest of the drive home.

few days back, i was at the beach front, and saw a lot of mini-shops “shacks” were none Saudi sell corn, popcorn and soft drink, it made me wonder why not Saudi women who are in need!

Last week, Panda Hypermarkets announced the hiring of female cashers ^.^ Great, right?

you should hear the outrageous people coming out and saying its HARAM and people should not shop at panda!

so it’s okay for women to play hide and seek, but its outrageous to work at a supermarket, its a public place for god sake!

i’m saying this because i never seen, heard anyone say its not okay!

I don’t want to go into this, as what ever they are saying is just outrageous and does not make sense at all.

what you guys think????

Ahhhh, that been said!



I got three BB on 20 june 2010,
for my mom, my younger brother and myself,
that cost SR1100 each,
paid monthly fee of SR99 each.
STC facebook page asked, since The Communication and Information Technology Commission ordered “poor stc” to stop blackberry messanger and services “AS IF THE DIDN’T KNOW” would I change my phone, or stay connected via msn,yahoo…etc!
first of all, your internet SUX!
I had msn before,
I had Skype before,
I had yahoo before,
I didn’t need it cuz NOW i have a Blackberry. “OOPS, HAD”
I’m sorry to say, but I’m suing,
got my papers ready to sue,
for hiding the fact, the this service had a time limit,
I was not informed,
when YOU “STC” took my money, to get a sim card, you happily took it,
don’t blame it on The Communication and Information Technology Commission, you knew, and you just didn’t care what happen. as long the money are coming in, who CARES RIGHT!
By the Way,
the commission is being sued too, they didn’t care either.
you never cared in the first place.
you know what really making me angry,
it’s when UAE said no more Blackberry, and rumors started about what Saudi would do, STC in less then 30 minute, denaid that such thing would happen in Saudi, if i remamber right it was something like “it’s UNTHINKABLE”
when the news came 2 days, that Saudi would stop the service, what did STC say????
1 hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aside from there FACEBOOK question, nothing.
you tell me!
but whats new here,
the ban, the allow,
“snap” just like that,
who cares what we the people want!
Ahhhh, that been said!

CPVPV Hackers!

yes, now the PVPV use Hackers to hack websites,

it’s in the news!

OMG! whats next!!!

Hacking is a criminal act, there is many ways to close down websites,

but to hack, and put your own government logo! this is outrageous!

and publicly put it in the news!

I don’t care what this site is all about, that does not justfy the PVPV action, or anyone to hack.

man, I don’t know what to say, your account or mine now could be hacked for my ideas and point of view!!! just because I don’t agree with what PVPV thinks or do!

there are many legal channels, Ministry of Interior or King Abdulaziz Tech. City.

what message do these action say.

We already suffer from King Abdulaziz Tech. City blocking websites, now PVPV hack!

I wish that the site owner would take this matter to the law, just because of a girl or a guy did something stupid, they had to suffer!

so whats next, FaceBook? Netlog? Hi5! “already blocked! they all social networks.

didn’t they ask them self why do people go to such sites????

even cyber space is under control,

next, every house would have a PVPV representative.

this is outrageous!

Ahhhh, that been said!