A New Day!

So 2016 is leaving us, it was one hell of year, it seems everyone looks back 2016 as the worst year ever.

It was not all bad, it had few good things about it.

I guess the only reason people think it’s so bad is due to the social media.

Social media was the main medium of getting information, you get it every where and every time. In your home, at the cafe, in bed even while doing natures calls.

We now know more, news travel fast and at that bad travel faster than the good.

We became part of the cycle by sharing these bad news, and I must add not all the bad news was real to begin with, but we tend to be emotional and we almost agree with the content even if you have no clue what it was about and how it all started. Yet we press the share button.

If you don’t know, or not going to do your research to ensure what ever it is to share it, let the cycle stop of spreding.

In the same time do share what you believe in, the good and the bad, I just hope it’s not just blind share.

The year had it good news, it’s out there if we look closely. And only if we wanted to.

Hope this year we would see more of the positive news, more good news ^.^

 Ahhh, that been said!
PS: this was writing in 10 minutes, with out editing, if I didn’t post by then it would never be posted. New year, new rules more posts!


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