We all lost!

Hundreds are dead and thousands are injured,

I can’t understand how could the Arab media and politics say Palestine won?!

lets see who won in my opinion:

Turkey, publicity with new leader visiting Gaza kids in the hospitals,

Israel bombing buildings and the modest infrastructure in Gaza,

USA used the Gaza coverage and Arab and the world being busy with Gaza and bombed Syria and Iraq, and testing and new weapon over Alaska. who needs permission or UN giving the go ahead, everybody is busy, right?!

ISIS kept killing more than Israel in few days in the name of Islam, makes me wonder what kind of Islam they are preaching!!

I think the concept of winning is misunderstood here in the Arab world!!

the bottom line to me we all lost,

as long there is someone suffering from anyone who is being part of the conflict both are at loss.

no body won anything, NO BODY!

Ahhhh, that been said!



One comment on “We all lost!

  1. Very apt description you have given of the misleading imaginary victory, whether gazans killed by Israel, shiites, Christians and yazidis killed by isis, everywhere humanity is losing!

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