Misleading news headlines!!!

On the 12th of august 2014, news-sa published this

39 years jail and 8000 lashes for youth who celebrated the “Feast of Love”  red candles ..!

when I saw it I was like, what the hell, there must be more to this, so I started reading just to find out that the 39 years in jail is the combination of all jail and lashes sentenced, there were 5 Saudi males and 6 females!

and its as follows:

  • The court sentenced the first defendant 5 years and one thousand lashes in public markets
  •  The second and third 7 years each and 1,500 lashes each in front of the same markets
  • the fourth and fifth for 10 years each and the skin 2000 lashes on 20 batch,
  • And, and the ban of them traveling for a period of 5 years after the end of their sentence.
  • the 6 females turned out to be three sisters, two sisters and a solo female, another judge will handle the case!!!

before I start my rant let me give you an idea of some court ruling in the past for some cases,

  • 13th of April 2011 on sabq, 12 years prison sentence to murderer who ran over his wife to death in front of her work place multiple times.
  • 21 of April 2009 in Riyadh newspaper, Execution of a wife for killing her husband and 15 years in jail for the daughter.
  • 20th of January 2010 on shms, A father killed his 9 year old daughter and found guilty by the court on 11/11/2008 and was sentenced to be executed and his wife “not the girls mother” to 5 years in jail, but after the same court stated that the father was mentally unstable, so changed it to 10 years in jail instead of execution.
  • 21st of April 2009 on Sharq, Found a wife guilty for killing her husband and burning his body and were sentenced to death by shooting her to death.
  • 8th of October 2013 on alolaa, the court found a father killing his 5 year old daughter guilty and was sentenced 8 years in jail and pay 1000000 Saudi Riyal to the mother of the girl.

i find it hard to believe that having a party is equal to killing a human,

I find it even harder to believe that when its a man who commit the killing its jail time, and if it a woman its execution.

to be fare some men has been executed for killing their wives but its not the point I’m trying to make here.

some people might argue that different cases has different stories behind them, if that’s the case then its okay to kill sometime but not okay sometime, and let the court decides who should be punished as you might get lucky!

I’m a person who don’t believe in execution as a form of punishment, no human should ever be killed.

Even god gave us the chance to have mercy on those who hurt us to get a big prize in the afterlife,

these ruling is just outrageous and don’t make sense at all, at least to me.

now the question is what do you think?

Ahhhhh, that been said,



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