The need to write!

I love writing, its a great tool to express myself,

to write about what goes through my mind, some time its an important topic “at least to me” some time it could be just a silly thing that i felt like sharing.

One of the reasons I stopped writing was fear, fear of what?! i don’t really know, just fear with out explanation, I think right now i’m over that fear, so I shall write again. 

One thing I never considered is who is reading whatever i write?!!

as I try my best to be able to write more as much as I can, most of the time i stop myself and say to myself “who cares what you think” but after months of having this thought on my mind I finally decided, I shall write no matter what.

it might be selfish, but the matter of fact I write for me.

so I shall write,

A lot been going around, and I NEED to write about it, and express my opinion about it.

Ahhhh, that been said,



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