Save KSA Animals!


Maybe a lot of people believe that the subject of a recent human care of animals grew up in the west.,

But the Holy Prophet peace be upon him, urged on good treatment of animals for more than 1,400 years and told that hell is the penalty of animal torture or killing them for no reason.

Many of you may know the story of the woman who held a kitten captive, and she would go to hell due to the kitten death.
In the hadeeth narrated by sheikhs from Ibn Umar may Allah be pleased with them

(Woman who tortured a cat by holding it captive up until the cat died and entered hell, the woman didn’t feed or at least let the cat go to find its on food the earth)

As in that story an animal was the cause of the woman going to hell here is another story of a man going to heaven as the Prophet narrated this story

(While a man walking a route intensified by thirst and found awell, which he went down and drank and when he went out, there was a dog panting of thirst and was licking the wet mud, the man said: I have been thirsty like dog, so he went down back to the well and fill his shoe and held it for the dog to drink, then he  thanked God, and God forgave him) Narrated by sheikhs from Abu Hurayrah

There is another incident of the Prophet Muhammad in the conquest of Mecca
while the Muslims were trying to find new roads not known to reach Mecca to enter Mecca with out a fight or shed of blood, they found on a road a dog giving birth.
Ordered the Holy Prophet to change the rout of the army (although what it might entail risk) as not to scare or frightn the dog while giving birth.

there are many Hadeeth that state not to harm, abuse or kill animals

the reason of this blog came from some disturbing news here in the kingdom of neutering cats and leaving them fr there death link

with the help of friends e started Save KSA Animals on Facebook and Twitter, plea join us to stop such cruelty and abuse.

if you want to be part of it to take more active role email us on 

we could use as much as support as we can


ahhhh, that been said!




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