Small Business Crack Down!

this has started as an answer to

Saudi crack down on businesses run by foreigners

Posted on June 25, 2013 by American Bedu

most people know that small businesses are the back bone of any economy, the crack down here is actually on the Saudi small business owner.

it starts with impossible requirement issued by each government entity from labor office, passport office, chamber of commerce and the rest of them, each live in there own realm.

as a small business owner let say a restaurant we are asked to have Saudi workers, from WHERE i’m going to find the Saudi worker? to work as a server, cashier, driver or onion cutter that’s the jobs that the restaurant offer, we are asked to register Saudi workers PAY GOSI, LABOR office and the list keep going and going.

a friend owns a barber shop asked to hire Saudi, my question to do WHAT?! its not like there are plenty of Saudi hairdressers who could not find a job!!!

even if i found someone, how much would i pay him in my tiny restaurant income? SR2000 or SR3000, the Saudi mentality would rather stay at home and get SR2000 from the government.

the restaurant workers get SR1000 to SR1200, a specilaist might get up to SR2500 to SR3000, plus RENT, PLUS ALL GOVERNEMNT PAPER WORKS, PLUS ALL UTILITY SERVICES.

no one has a clue of what the small business owners go through,

and for a fact if it wasn’t for thous expats working hard on the small businesses we would be lost with out them, from the person that clans our streets to the Doctor in the hospital.

and then see how they deal with big corporations, AHHHHH don’t let me get started on that.

this would only be good news if WE the Saudi People start actually working, which i don’t see in the near future or far.

I have worked as a waiter in a hotel I was look down as if I committed a crime.


the general idea of the government is great, to promote more Saudis to work or at least give them the chance, but where are those Saudi’s!?

Here we are being brought up with the understanding that we only ask and we get, we expect the government to do everything for us, you need a land they should provide with one, you need money to build that land they should give you that money, you need a job, the should provide with a governmental job,  you go to school for free, at some point paid to do so, and the list keep going.

as you see most are brought up with out the need,  or educated on the meaning the value of money and stuff in our life.

a small comparison:

when we start going to school till the day we finish university here in Saudi we don’t work a single job, only few does but most don’t, some summer jobs where you go the first few days and just go at the end of the month to collect.

in the western world, when in high-school most work part time jobs and are introduced to the working life, introduced to money and the value it has, some want to go to university they have to pay from there hard earned money to do so.

I think if our government would start fixing the education system it will work,

what you my dear reader think?

ahhhh, that been said!



One comment on “Small Business Crack Down!

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