To Divorce is not an easy task!

As some of you may know I have got married on March of 2012, when it was around end of July my ex-Wife asked for a divorce,

I guess it didn’t work, if she doesn’t want me why should I force her, so I started on the journey of getting her divorced,

It was Ramadan last year when we both tried to file for divorce, we found out I had to come after Ramadan.

I did that after Eid, and i had to fill some paper works and had an interview on why I’m filing for divorce.

I said that she doesn’t want this marriage, he said I should wait as she might change her mind, I said her mind is fixed and for that matter mine too.

I was giving an appointment after a month, when I went there month later I was given a paper with yet another appointment to the shaik office.

three weeks later, I was given a lecture how divorce… and given me a 3 to 4 moth to try and reconcile with my Ex. when a person working told me the delay is actually due to the fact I did not say “TALQ” three times, they had hopes that things would work out. I cleared things with the judge and said it that she is TALQ TALQ TALQ.

now i got the final appointment to visit the judge with two witnesses that are not blood related to me to get the divorce paper AT LAST.

when its done, they will contact her father or brother to claim the paper plus ask her if there is anything pending between us.

I was talking to a friend of mine who gone through a divorce, he informed me it took him 2 years, a person at the court told me it been 7 moth for him, he added if there were kids it might take even longer.

when I asked the judge why they would do that, he informed me that 95% of people who come for a divorce we give them a 3 to 4 month appointment never come back, we know by then that they both husband and wife worked things out.

I told him not in my case, the delay caused more issues for the both of us, he said we are sorry but we don’t know that.

so my dear reader what do you think of the court action in regards of delay?

ahhhh, that been said!



3 comments on “To Divorce is not an easy task!

  1. They just assumed that the couple continued with marriage because the husband didn’t come back? It could be the case that he got discouraged and instead of going through the trouble of divorcing his wife, he leaves her hanging and gets married again. Because of that, the woman can’t get married again because the husband never divorced her. Now she will have to go to the court if she want a divorce? I think they should be more thorough and follow up with the husband and a male mahram of his wife to make sure the couple have reconciled before they dismiss the case.

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