Non-Saudi family members working

in a the news the labor office is targeting the increasing of companies hiring the family members of non Saudi  who came to work in Saudi,their family members are not allowed to work its stated in red on there residential permit.

I think its a great idea to actually approve them working as they are in the kingdom already, know the ways of life, traditions and its a great boost to business i think as it would be cheaper to hire,

I wonder why is it such always a big issue, since we will be getting the workers from outside the kingdom in the first place.

we seem always like to make the harder and more extreme rules in everything not only this case

they are coming with high fines and some time closing businesses due to that fact. and asking the help of the Ministry of Interior, why go so far when it can be as easy of getting a small system to organize that!?

one reason it said it will give a fair chance for Saudi women to get the jobs, my guess if there were to get it in the first place they wouldn’t be hiring non-Saudi’s.

plus, its always about the money, non-Saudi will work for less money and get more work done, a Saudi want more money and less work, before you jump and attack me not all Saudi are like that but most are, i have been there so I know what i’m talking about here.

I think its a great approach to have them work in the first place rather than not, tell me what you guys think?


ahhhh, that been said!




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