Challenging Myself!

i’m not going to start with the usual its been a while since i wrote anything…I guess i just did.


in the past months a lot has gone in my life,

moved from Khobar to Riyadh,

got a new job,

got married and divorced,

started a film production company with friends,

so yeah i have been busy,


as the topic say i’m challenging myself to go to the basic of writing a blog, and share my expriances and stuff that happens in my life or around me, most of you might not agree ith my ideas or thought, and i’m not here to teach you or tell you how to run your life, all i hope for is a comment or two, a person smiling while reading something i wrote. so the challenge is for me to write a blog once a week, i wont set a date as i’m not sure it would work in the first place.


so lets see how this will go,


ahhhh, that been said!




3 comments on “Challenging Myself!

  1. Married and divorced?! Sorry to hear that. Did you get to marry a non-Saudi after all? Also I guess you’ve been too busy to blog huh?

    • hello there Tara,

      I guess i just lost the touch of writing, it seem I have a lot on my mind but nothing seem to come out, i hope the coming days you will be see more of my blog, i keep on trying i guess i should try harder,

      will be writing about my marriage soon, there you will know all about it.

      thank you for dropping by, your comment might be the push i needed.


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