WITN 004

its been a while since I wrote about Women In The News,

and today I would share with you some of the news I found all over the internet,

but insted of empowering woemn, I would share thing that I find Unbelievable!!!

1. Woman call the Police and tell them she just killed her Mother and Brother click here

but she didn’t really kill them, she did that to stop her step brothers from marrying by force to a man she don’t want, they actually forged paper works by taking another women to act she is her to pass the medical test required before marriage!!! the police took the brothers into custody and handed them to the commission of Family disputes!!!

I wonder how is her life right now!!! and what punishment did the brothers get for forging documentation!!

yeah right, she is a woman!!! she has no right!!!

2. Saudi women are cheap now, you can have one for quitting smoking!!! click here

a follow blogger wrote about a new stunt, by selling Saudi women as she stated in her blog, to any man who would quit smoking!!!


3. Only in Saudi a grown up woman would still need the permission of guardian to do anything!!! click here

Women in Saudi complain and just had it, since they can’t do anything with what they own with out the permission of a guardian, it has to be a family member a father, a brother, a husband or a son!!! now its not only government ask for that, even private sectors, if a woman wanted to study she need a permission!!! A 50 year old woman, can’t finish here papers at a governmrnt office, she has a Saudi ID with her photo, and she does not cover her face yet still asked to get someone who happen to be male to identify her!!!

as I said, ONLY IN SAUDI!!!

4. it was a night ful of action!!! click here

at a social gathering in Baha, Saouth of saudi arabia, few CPVPV with a woman!!! “yep its okay for them to work with women in the name of GOD!!!” asked Ms.Sua’ad Al-Mana’a to step down and not sit with the men, but after few moments they just left since no one did what they want!!!

I find interesting for women to work with CPVPV!!!!   halal for them, Haram for us.

thats it for now,

Ahhhh, that been said!



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