A matter of time!

I had a very interesting conversation with my father today, it was about women right to drive, and I told him I know for a fact they will be driving the question is when?! I told him about how satellite was banned by Islamic extremist, now most of the people on satellite are those Islamic extremist, I told him about mobile phones with camera how it was banned too, now it’s everywhere, so I believe that women driving is a matter of time.

My father told me that WE “Saudi’s” are known for something that no other countries in the world have,

I wondered what it was,

He said extreme opposition to anything new,

I said: I know that!

He told me: son, you have no idea how extreme it was in the past!

He then told me few stories that made see what he meant by extreme, it made all what we are facing now is just a walk in the park,

He told me that King Abdul-Aziz was about to get assassinated two times,

The first time by Islamic extremist because they knew for a fact that he used an alarm clock!!! Yes, an old fashion alarm clock, they thought he was using the underworld to make that solid object RING! Until the king proved to them it was not the work of magic they let it go, and they owned there own clocks!

The second time was again by the same Islamic extremist when they knew he uses a radio!!!

My father told me another story about a guy who lived on a farm, as he finish his work at the farm goes to his room at the edge of the farm and stay there for hours, the Islamic extremist in his area were not comfortable with the fact of that man spending long hours alone, they went to his room and searched and found what he was doing and killed him on the spot, they found a deck of playing cards!!! It was work of the devil they said and he use black magic!!!

My father also added that smoking was banned and whoever caught smoking would be lashed in the city square

Alarm clock, Radio, telegraph, Women education, Television, Satellite, camera phones and now women driving, it’s only a matter of time!

Ahhhh, that been said!


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