waiting for a number!

I wanted to have a permit to drive my mom’s car,

when i got there i found that my Driving licence was expired,

whnt on Tuesday to renew it, around 9 am, i was told there was no numbers! and i have to come early in the morning to get one if i wanted to be serviced,

so i went next day Wednesday at 8 am, same thing, all numbers was taken,

so I went today, at 7 am, the time og this photo was taken at 7:27 am, s yes i was standing there for 27 minutes. these were the people infront of me, you should see thepeople behind me and waiting outside,

I gave up and just left, on reason was i couldn’t breath,

hope something is done to fix this mess, cuz this is just not right!!!

ahhhh, that been said!


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