When wisdom is lost!

It all started a few minutes ago, I thought it would be funny, I put on my status on Facebook “Removed my last wisdom tooth, does that make me officially insane?!”

Now as always doing my worst habit, smoking shesha, I thoght of wisdom!

So as always felt like sharing 😉

Wisdom is something we gain from experience of life and things. Wisdom can be something about every day life or in a job were you might know a something or two.

This made me thinking can we at some point in life lose wisdom?

Love is one thing that wisdom is irrelevant, because love makes us blind right?

Yep, I need a wisdom tooth to be romoved to come up with such blog :p

Wana hear what you gals and guys think.

Ahhhh, that been said!


2 comments on “When wisdom is lost!

  1. too much wisdom can kill you 😉
    i think you can be in love/ love someone and still have some wisdom.. but getting to that stage requires”wisdom” LOL. besides, what is love?.. what is wisdom anyway ?

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