A day at work!

There is nothing more satisfying then a productive day.

I’m workaholic, I enjoy working and getting the job done!

What’s make it more fun is being around people who also hard working, it give me the edge to perform even batter.

These are just to name a few:

When I sit in my office booting up my computer, and people pass by my office and wish me a very good morning with smile.

When the phone rings, and its a co-worker next to my office offering arabic coffee.

When the director him self pass each office to wish everyone a good morning “or maybe checking we are all in ;)”

When a staff have a problem and I help him/her. a warm thank you and smile makes it worth it.

Lunch time approach, where is it going to be?

Back in the office working, when the manager peer thru the door and asks “staying late?!” Look at the time.

Sitting here now at the cafe, enjoying my shesha, and looking forward for another day, with a smile šŸ™‚

Ahhhh, that been said!


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