singing in the rain!

While here in Khobar we enjoy the rain, people in Jeddah are suffering!

A picture I saw today, some citizens helping a police officer get his patrol car working! I guess in Jeddah serve and protect works the other way around.

A tunnel was saved, on the expanse of people houses and lives!
I wonder what is the value of human being right now!

A news crew covering the damages, people talking were muted, but the officials are load and clear, now what’s the word for that!

Its been almost a year since what happen on Jeddah, head rolled back then, my guess this will be the case this time, but the question is How many people have to die before we take action, one person dying, is horrible, 1000 is just statistic!

A friend of mine took her 6 hours to reach her house, thank god she did, it took her before 2 hours and it was only traffic!

I see blogs, newspapers, and television complain but I never seen a solution!
Ahhhh, that been said!


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