cafe, closed!

Is you live in Khobar you might now know that the 11 coffee shops that serve shesha have closed down, not by choice but by force!

Yeah, one day they found out that the cafe’s are in a residential area!

I wonder who actually do the zoning!!!

He said ooookkay, we let people here and kick these business’s out! Trust me it happened that way!

2 huge cafe’s opened in the area, spent millions, and now closed! What a lose!
There investment down the drain.

Now, I have to drive around 50 kilometer to enjoy my shesha!

I don’t mind, its not the issue, the issue here and the point, your business never safe!

I’m feel sorry for the people who lost there jobs.

And guys let’s hope u find something else to do, but as u know, no malls, no roaming, no clubs, no movies, and now no cafe!

What’s left!

Ahhhh, that been said!


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