2010 bye bye, 2011 welcome!

As we turn the page of our calendar to 2011, we all look back to what we have accomplished, what we have done, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I would like to share my moments of this year,

Like every year, my first month, january is the best, I enjoy the weather buit not as much as my birthday 😉

I started this blog this year, some writing were older then 2010 since I moved from blogger. Getting great support from you guys! Thank you.

I met great people online on world of warcraft, I had shared the fun of it, and they made back into a hardcore gamer.

I started my new job, its been the one I always wanted.

My younger brother is expecting a baby, I’m soon to be an uncle.

Meeting my follow halfes in Jeddah, meeting Faisal for the first time, as I’m sure there will be more meetings.

My friend Majid, had a car accident, he broke his right thigh, its scary to hear that you might lose a friend, I was with him, he is recovering!

Love life was not as bad as I expected, I did fall face down, when I thought I would never, maybe there is still hope for me! I wonder what’s 2011 hold for me.

Bleach is officially worth watching when I was almost giving it up!

2011 I am ready for you, so bring it on!

Ahhhh, that been said!


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