You have the choice….NOT!


we all been reading the news this past month about Females working as cashers, at cash registers ate Supermarkets or what so ever.

we all heard that its HARAM as its been said by the highest top Islamic officials in the country,

after that, the newspapers and the web space was all about


what are these people thinking….

Then, came the head of the Islamic Fatwa in the country to say, we do out best, and people have the choice!!!


now here i had to stop and say this is just BS!


it’ never been a choice,

females must cover there faces, its said by them its haram for a female to show her face, yet when i woman goes out she is being herrased by CPVPV to cover her face, the choice was for her to not cover, if you seen the news this past week, the eyes are dangerous too, you could get stabbed!!!

I hate the fact they lie to our face.

whats the hell is going on!!!

ahhhh, that been said,


4 comments on “You have the choice….NOT!

  1. you always have a choice… This is something that can’t be taken away from you…
    you have a choice to obey the rules or not obey the rules..
    you have a choice to stay positive or become negative….

  2. In the case of Saudi, I think it is a matter of choosing the right attitude as opposed to choosing whether or not to obey the “laws”. A woman can choose not to cover herself in public, for example, but it’s not worth going through the dire consequences that follow that small act of rebellion. One has to be strong emotionally and psychologically, I think, to live and thrive as a woman in such an oppressive environment. I give credit to those women who manage to create a happy life for themselves despite the limitations forced on them by the moral laws of their society, and I hope and pray for spiritual strength for those who are unable.

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