Ramadan! OMG!

as the title state,

OMG! what happen to people in Ramadan while they drive,

they think they are the ONLY one on the road!

on the 7th or the 8th of ramadan, its 5pm, going home from work, at a traffic signal, its green, but no one is moving! other car honking, but still no one is moving, i stepped down to see whats going on, in my mind its must be a car accident, but it was not, it was STREET FIGHTERS! and i mean every sinse of the word.

A guy in a microbus, shirtless, a taxi driver running for his car, while being pulled out by the collar of his shirt but a guy wearing a thoub, the shirtless guy kicks the back door of a passing car, i see a huge dent, and one more joined the fight!

i see the cars, there is nothing, not a single scratch????!!!

i returned to my car, made my way to a side street……


so I arrived home SAFE and SOUND, then my mom goes: your uncle is coming over with his family, could you go get some sweets?  and Fooul, your uncles like the one you get. as a good son i am: sure mom.

i changed and went out into the wild again.

Saad Aldeen is a great place, it might be ownd by a friend but HEY i like there sweets, you should see how packed it was! people shouting. for the first time i was giving a number, by a worker who gave it to me while covering his face as if i was going to punch him!!!

I looked at my number it was 61, looked at the LCD screen the were serving 45, i gave my number to the customer who just got into the shop…

went to Knafani, on pepsi road, you should see how people park, the three lane street has be came half lane, I passed.

I went got some Fooul, and tamees, the tamees guy shouted at me to take mine! and I mean SHOUTED!

I went back home,i told mom: here is the Fooul, about sweets, sugar is not good for us, anyway!

I skipped the part were I almost had three car accidents, stopping at a red light and everyone else is passing, and a mother an a chiled had no chance to cross the street!

whats wrong with people in Ramadan????

Ahhhh, that been said!


NOTE: this all true, it all happened, its not fiction!

By saudimajix Posted in Random

One comment on “Ramadan! OMG!

  1. OMG is right! All it takes most of the time is a couple of deep breaths and esti’3far to calm a person down, but people don’t have time for that anymore :\

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