SaudiMajix and Him/Her 001

hello people,

this is an idea that crossed my mind for some time, now its here ^.^

as always i’m a person who like to share ideas, thoughts and point of views with friends and people I meet, and this is exactly what this is, its a summry of these talks, chit-chats and debates we have.

some time its one on one, some time its a group of people,

here is one of those,

it all started a few hours ago,

on the BB “BlackBerry Messenger” a close friend of mine who works in Riyadh, me being in Khobar we chat from time to time, on many topic, some are fun, some are just silly but some are really deep.

I asked him if i could use this in a blog, and he approved, asked for a nick name, he said: Just Human in Believe.

so this how it all started.

NOTE: this is based on Arabic brodcast i recived from him, we always talk in english as it best for the both of us, some people who might read this might not get why it all started, but if you read along you might get the point of it “I hope” feel free to ask ^.^

Just Human in Believe:

قررت ادارة الام بي سي ايقاف برنامج مسلسلات حليمة للفنانة حليمة بولندوعدم بثها اعتبارا من يوم غد الخميس وستكون الحلقة الاخيرة واستجابت القناة لمطالب عديدة وشكاوي كثيرة لان اسلوب تقديمها وما تتمتع به من جمال صارخ مع طريقة لبسها ادى لافتتان الرجال


يووووووه وش نسوي طيب


مرررررره حلو ه قصدي حلو البرنامج

Just Human in Believe

يا واد بطل شقاوة


You know me, I can’t change who I am

what i’m going to do the rest of the days?

I like 7aleeeema 😦

Just Human in Believe:


since when?


But some people don’t want to see an arab become a sex symbol >.<

Thay are so hypocrite

Just Human in Believe:

Its Factoyed


It’s load of BS if you ask me

Its been stopped for the wrong reason

If people don’t like it, then change the channel.

Just Human in Believe:

Everyone knows that, and thats why you see hypocrites stuck in the chair.

I deleted the channel 😉


Do you mean if the other person like something you don’t like make it wrong?

Just Human in Believe:

Believe whats make sense to your knowledge



Just Human in Believe:

Which does not effect your religion.


You know, if you don’t like it, and I was with you I could change the channel out of respect

Just Human in Believe:

I’ll appreciate that


Religion these days is a cheap excuse for anything, makes me and other people wonder whats really right and whats wrong.

Just Human in Believe:

If YOU acknowledge the meaning of Islam, we will live with know doubts of zero predicaments

YOU means all muslims


ALL MUSLIMS! do you see how many islamic factions there now!

From what I see these days it’s my islam, your islam, his islam!

its power in the end

Its never been about Islam

Just Human in Believe:

its all under ONE religion


Thats what I thought, but not anymore

Just Human in Believe:

Others are just vindicate islam

And causing chaos for their own purpose of gaining more and more dirty money


Hate where this is going, if only people given the choice,people are forced to what a single man thinks, based on his ideology

Islamic attacking each other

Its sad man just sad

Trust me, the way religion going its to control people

Always been and always will

Just Human in Believe:

Who can understand the ideological terms and conditions of Islam is and will be the religion of truth and who disbelieve in that, thats the one who is seeking his own interests.


This conversation would make a great blog 🙂

Just Human in Believe”

Go ahead 😉


You know what you just said is my point, what if my view of an issue differ from yours, what would that make me?

Just Human in Believe:



I see something under my belief and understanding is right and good

But you on the other hand thinks its wrong and bad

Where we meet?

I’ll tell you

I know that you and I would come to an understanding at some point

Just Human in Believe:

Believe in God and what Islam have mission since prophet Mohammed brought to uprise this nation


But in the real world its black and white

The other side won’t even hear what you have to say

As we have to take things for granted

and live by it as we being told

Just Human in Believe:

Looooooooool, I’ll take the fifth



Its always great chatting with you man

Everyweek a new topic


Just Human in Believe:

Like wise chief, why not 😉


What shall I name you?

Just Human in Believe:

I’ll leave it to you



You give me a name

Please 🙂

Just Human in Believe:

Trying to adjust


I’m SaudiMajix

And you are?

Just Human in Believe:

Just Human in Believe


Just Human in Believe it is

Good night my friend

Just Human in Believe:

Till next time.  Sleep tight 🙂

what you guys think????

you can post any topic you think it would be great to chat about with my friend Just Human in Believe ^.^

ahhhhh, that been said!


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4 comments on “SaudiMajix and Him/Her 001

  1. Islam deteriorated after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died and we all know the history. However, I think the basic principles of Islam is a guidance throughout life, but because so many people have different interpretations i strongly believe in following you’re gut feeling about things …. وانما الاعمال بالنيات

    Great topic!

    • Hola people, i came across this blog while surfing one of the groups on facebook. I was bored so i decided so check it out. Interesting topic, but what Majed and Although are talking about is called individualism. I cannot stress enough how destructive and detrimental that type of mindset is to people and society in general. The premise of “what’s good for me suits me and others can do what they like” is extremely selfish and dangerous. After all, what’s good for me may not be good for you, and respect and acceptance can only go so far. you say you’ll respect whatever people choose to do, but in reality, we all know it’s not the case. People need rules tog guide them, period. The whole point of Islam is to set certain moral guide lines for people to follow them in order to for society to function well (i’m sure you know that, but i don’t think you actually “KNOW” what it entails).

      I’ve often noticed people talking about Islam and how people’s ideas of islam are divided and how there’s no way to know which islam is the truest islam. So the answer for them would be to do what they feel is right, and even misquoting an ayah from the Qur’an to support that claim (Athoug). You judge people and ideals with out even knowing 10% of your own religion and the wisdom, science, history and philosophy behind it.

      The only way for us to come closer to the truth is to actually spend time SEEKING it. my mother was born a christian but converted to Islam and is one of the best muslims i know (masha’alla) so that kinda negates your argument, SaudiMajix, that “The other side won’t even hear what you have to say” because when there is a certain type of open mindedness there will, ensha’allah, be a way for people to find the truth.

      And in terms of you saying religion is a tool to control people and gain money, that’s true, but not with all people and religions. That’s just a weak atheistic argument that has been debunked with ease.

      but anyways, that’s just my opinion. 🙂


      • Thank you Tala for taking the time to read my post and commenting,

        it makes worth while to write them,

        Mashallah on your mom wish her all the best ^.^

        i’ll be back with my take on your comment 😉

        thank you again

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