Women at work!

I remamber years back,

when my mom was still working a school principle, we used to talk when i pick her up, its not everyday i used to do that, but some time i did,

While driving back, my mom was kinda upset, upset as she wanted to do something but she couldn’t, so i asked her whats wrong?

she told me: the woman that work at the school, a saudi woman, the wife of the school guard, the mother of six maybe more, have a very low income, and i noticed her every weekend, she would ask me if she can leave early, its been going for over a month now, but today I asked her why?….

the woman said: that she and her girls would cook some baleela “chickpeas” and their father would bring some soft drinks and we put them in an ice box, and he would take us to a garden or beach front so me and my kids sell some thing, that would help us with life expanses.

I told mom: i think thats great thing, a family working togather, don’t you think?

she said: will its not all good, the municipality people kick them out, and take there stuff and destroy it, they play hide and seek with them.

Ok, I said, what can we do?

mom told me: thats what bothers me what can we do?

we stayed silent for the rest of the drive home.

few days back, i was at the beach front, and saw a lot of mini-shops “shacks” were none Saudi sell corn, popcorn and soft drink, it made me wonder why not Saudi women who are in need!

Last week, Panda Hypermarkets announced the hiring of female cashers ^.^ Great, right?

you should hear the outrageous people coming out and saying its HARAM and people should not shop at panda!

so it’s okay for women to play hide and seek, but its outrageous to work at a supermarket, its a public place for god sake!

i’m saying this because i never seen, heard anyone say its not okay!

I don’t want to go into this, as what ever they are saying is just outrageous and does not make sense at all.

what you guys think????

Ahhhh, that been said!


2 comments on “Women at work!

  1. Unfortunately this family’s situation is not rare, with the barriers of entry to women in the workforce, and some are more educated and better at handling many situations then men would, I do not know where and how they would begin to work.

    • Answers and solutions are out there, the society is just feel sorry for the story, yet they oppose working women, and when you ask what they think………… exactly

      people would kill to have answers and solution, we have them yet nothing is done >.<!

      do you think Mr. Faqeeh would have an answer????

      i know i should not be asking this, but should i have some faith in the guy, after all he was Head of Jeddah Municipality!


      that is just wrong!!!!

      thanx for dropping by man.

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