Primary school sexual practices!

as the titel said,

thats was in the news here,

what is sad is the way action been taken,

kicking out three kids older the nine years old,

and transferred of other 2 because they are younger then nine years old,

what is even sadder is what said by Director of Education Eastern Province confirms that the issues of harassment in schools are rare!!!

will maybe its only rare cuz its only five you caught >.<

thats in PRIMARY!!!!

there are more, MUCH more, and not only in primary…

and kicking them out, is that the way of the education system to solve the problem?????

ahhhh, that been said!


One comment on “Primary school sexual practices!

  1. It is sad to see such cases escalating in Saudi. But what’s really sad is the way school administrators deal with such cases. Their knee-jerk reactions is not only unprofessional, but does not provide any solutions. I guess it’s up to the parents to deal rightfully with this kind of problem, and not ignore it hoping it would go away.

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