A day at the beach

on a hot summer Tuseday, at a cafe sitting under an air-condition , having my shesha and a glass of chilled strawberry juice, my frined Majid K. walked in,

Majid K. : Good after noon majid, How was your day?

Majid: Good afternoon, Okay, but man this heat is kiling me.

Majid K.: tell me about it, thank god for the AC.

Majid: hell yeah.

Majid K. ordered his shesha, started opening his lap-top,

when he looked at me and said ” What do you think if we go to the beach”

“the beach, are you nuts” I say.

Majid K. countinue saying ” not right now, I mean this weekend, we talk to the guys and see if they like the idea, it’s been ages since we all did something togather”

me thinking a bit then said ” sound like a great idea, change is good and we could use some change, how about Bahrain, a movie night, or clubbing, or the beach”,

Majid K. said” Nah,nothing fancy, just us the guys here,Half moon beach; after 6pm since most are working in the morning, and the hot weather doesn’t help, BBQ, shesha and just us friends chatting having fun”,

then I asked ” and who would pay for all of this?”

He said ” that easy, there are 9 of us, of each would pay SR50, it would cover most of everything, what you think?”

I said “I’m in, But i still think Bahrain is better”.

later that evening, we all met,

and Majid K. said ” since we are all here, I want to ask you guys if you think the weekend we would go to the beach, do some BBQ have some fun, brake the routen we are in, so what you guys think?”

Ahmed K.” sound great, i’m in” and so did the rest of the guys. then

I said ” well, I need the money tonight or at least tomorrow morning to by the meat and stuff to make it ready for Thursday”

Majid K. “sounds great, it’s SR50 guys?”,

Ahmed K. ” here is SR100 for me and Roof, i’m sure he would like the idea”

Isa ” I don’t have cash on me right now, can I give it tomorrow?”

Majid K. “Sure” ;Abo Faisal, Mohammed and Abulrahman paid SR50 each and handed it to Majid K.

the next evening we met to watch a soccer match, after the match ended, Majid K. and Myself went on shopping, got some chicken, beef, lamb chops  and some beef kabab. we dropped it back at my place and went back to meet the guys.

Majid K. Said ” Roof and myself will go ahead of you guys at around 5:30 pm to look for a place and set things up, by then we would call you guys to let you know where are”

“Sound like a plan” we all agreed.

thuresday After noon, me in the kitchen making green salad. when i get a call around 3:30pm from abu Faisal asking me if I could drop by his house and pick up the BBG grill as he would becoming in late. I did just that, when back home loaded my car with all the things and called Majid K. around 6pm Asking him where they are, he told, and I was on my way.

as I arrived around 7 pm, my friends Majid K, Ahemed K., Roof, Abdulrahman and Isa was there, few minutes Abu Jama joined us, an hour later our friend Salah arrived.

I just got the fire started to get our shesha up and running. talking and having fun for few hours, my friend asked when I’m going to start cooking, I said around 11pm I will start, as my watch turned 10:30 pm I started lighting the fire to start on the BBQ, and before that I should start with the rice as it would take some time to cook with such fire.

When all of a sudden two police car stooped at the place we were sitting and started shouting at us,

and one of the officer saying with vulgar language, ” WHO IS THE OWNER OF THESE TWO CARS??”

my friend Majid K. and Abdulrahman said ” it’s ours” t

he bad attitude Officer ” give me your ID’s NOW!” so they did

Majid K. “whats seem to be the problem Officer”

the Officer Salman Al-A…. “NOW! pack all your stuff and move from here, THIS is family only BEACH! now follow me to the end of the road and you will get you ID’s”

my friend Majid K. said” we didn’t know that this is a family beach!, plus we are here for 6 hours now and no one said a thing, and i’m sure no one complaned, we are just minding our own business here”

Officer Salman ” I have order from HRH prince of the eastern province, you have a problem with this, let me take you to the Amara” My friend

Majid K.” is that so, you know what we well just move from here”

then I said the officer” but you need to work on your attitude, we are human not animals”

so we started packing, while my friend Majid and Abdulrahman went to get thier ID’s, that they didn’t get until they saw us all are out of the area.

“now that was fan” I say, all with forced smile and anger in there eyes, we went to a very dark, beach with nothing in it and Abo Faisal, said “just let me light the fire this time”. so i let him.

we chatted, for hours while me and Salah are cooking, as the food was getting ready around 3am;

when Three guys we don’t know walked in and sat!,

and one of them with the long beard and short thoub started preaching us,

about hell, end of life, prayer and how we should start and redeem our sins, and we don’t know when we are going to die….etc.

after an hour or so THEY left.

I put down the food, we didn’t eat much, I wonder why!!

I’m sure it was not my cooking, it was something in the mood, we threw the rest of the food, we packed, we left.

“Now you know why I don’t go out” I said to Majid K., “if we are planing to do this again, lets just go to Bahrain, or any other place in the world”

Majid K. “yep”

The End


no need to complain as I know for a fact, at least 99.9% nothing will be done!

Ahhhh, that been said!


3 comments on “A day at the beach

  1. OMG. I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for you on this one, Majid! It’s one of those stories the nuances of which one cannot fully appreciate unless they live here. And still i’m just left shaking my head. Well, i hope you and your friends make up for it another time – in Bahrain!! 🙂

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