CPVPV Hackers!

yes, now the PVPV use Hackers to hack websites,

it’s in the news!

OMG! whats next!!!

Hacking is a criminal act, there is many ways to close down websites,

but to hack, and put your own government logo! this is outrageous!

and publicly put it in the news!

I don’t care what this site is all about, that does not justfy the PVPV action, or anyone to hack.

man, I don’t know what to say, your account or mine now could be hacked for my ideas and point of view!!! just because I don’t agree with what PVPV thinks or do!

there are many legal channels, Ministry of Interior or King Abdulaziz Tech. City.

what message do these action say.

We already suffer from King Abdulaziz Tech. City blocking websites, now PVPV hack!

I wish that the site owner would take this matter to the law, just because of a girl or a guy did something stupid, they had to suffer!

so whats next, FaceBook? Netlog? Hi5! “already blocked! they all social networks.

didn’t they ask them self why do people go to such sites????

even cyber space is under control,

next, every house would have a PVPV representative.

this is outrageous!

Ahhhh, that been said!


7 comments on “CPVPV Hackers!

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  3. i dont believe they have any idea who are they dealing with,now with them entering into the hacking community,i am sure hackers who are not really fans of them will target them and give them a hard time.

    i agree,this is a cheap blow,but its not new in saudi,were its always handeling the end or terminal end of a problem,instead of addressing the root of the problem.

  4. OMG!
    this is criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    is this some sort of advanced speciality of CPVPV?!
    next thing .. they will teach them how to spy on emails and messangers so they can catch men and women who are flirting lol!

    • the already do that,
      they go to chat sites, and dating sites, and would set an appointment or a date with him/her and catch them, surprise ^.^ so the lead you, then catch you, as i know this is pure HARAM!

      they are also trying to monitor Blackberry messaging…

      they want total control over what we do, what we want to do and before we even do it.

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