Riyadh underwater!

if you want the real news, go to individual blogs and website and you get the real news.

it’s s sad to see why our own government hiding the truth from it’s own people, and the whole world. I shouldn’t say the whole government, some sectors who are involved.

we have got some real issues here that need to be worked on pronto.

based on what I have seen, this is a disaster in all meaning of the word, we were never ready for such thing, but thats not an excuse!

the question now, what are WE going to do about it?

before I answer this question lets do some fact check list based on what I gathered.

  • Weather forecast is something I never seem to understand, it say we will have wind, rain SHOWERS, clouds and some thunder. ALWAYS!  Monday weather forecastWednesday weather forecast. Yet, there is no indication of what should be done about! should stay indoor?, should we leave?, is it normal to go out?, is it safe? OH, Right it’s not their job!
  • Civil defiance, Traffic police as if they don’t exist! in every photo, news coverage NONE! they were not ready for any such thing what so ever. the sad part, they high rank officials were all over the local TV saying everything is normal, there where no people hurt or killed! yet, on YouTube and other blogs WITH PHOTOS and live recording, bystanders helping  school children off a bus the was sinking, bystanders controlling traffic, a dead body covered! if only these high ranking official had people on the ground they might know the truth.
  • High ranking officials accuse people for being the cause of most things! 1.News Flash: Rain Storm is act of god, DUH! 2. people do what they know best since you GUYS are busy talking on TV and dodging questions you don’t know the answer to. if you were there where you are spoused to be none of this would have happened, I think ; since I know from history you only make matters worse. “so many videos and links, google it!”
  • stop pointing fingers and start working! GOD!

after all this finish, heads will roll, hope they get punished for there act of treason, yes it is TREASON! when public money are not well spent thats just not right.

the answer to that question,

I hope we do learn from this, and work together for what is best for the public.

I leave you dear readers with Gene Kelly’s, Singing in the rain, hope it might put a smile on your face ^.^

Ahhhh, that been said!


3 comments on “Riyadh underwater!

  1. I have some genuine questions because it seems that nothing was learned from the Jeddah tragedy…

    1. Do they have drainage systems in Saudi Arabia? If not, why have they never been built?

    2. Why do they build underpasses/tunnels (with no drains) instead of overpasses?

    3. With all these dry wadis, they can make reservoirs/dams to catch rainwater so they won’t have to depend on desalinated water. Don’t you think this is a waste of precious “gray” water to not make use of it?

    Again my intent is not to be critical of KSA and I’m sincere in asking these questions

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