News FLASH:It’s a Society Neglect, not government

on the 19th of april 2010 i came across this article in Al-Riyadh newspaper,that made me wonder

we seem always blame the government or one sector of the goverment of neglect.

to some extent I might agree at some points such electrical issues, structure, supplies and maintenance of AC….. etc.

but until kids learn how to care about public property and use it as it is spoused to be used.

back in the day when I was in school, elementary that is, restrooms were clean, because we made sure it stay clean after we use them, we had to clean after we eat, we were asked to flush after useing the restroom, we were asked to wash our hands after we use the restroom.

we used to clean our own class rooms. when it’s time of lunch we were asked to clean after we eat and throw things where we are spoused to throw it, at a time we did some recycle for paper and plastic and used it in Art class.

and yes it was government school, in Riyadh.

that was back in my days.

no one wrote an article complaining about schools.

here it comes….

the new generation as it seem don’t really care, there is always someone cleaning after them.

I see it every where, the way they drive, the way the eat, the way they act and there  behavior with others.

Fact: even if the government fixed it, it only matter of time and it would be back as it is today.

kids these days need to work to really learn, like we did.

if you remember this past Ramadan, the program Khwater “خواطر” visited schools in Japan, I’ll leave you with this video you be the judge. Please notice the students ^.^

Ahhhh, that been said!


2 comments on “News FLASH:It’s a Society Neglect, not government

  1. The Japanese are the epitomy of cleanliness, I think.

    I grew up in the Philippines, where we, the students, from elementary to high school were solely responsible for keeping our schools clean. For the classrooms, each class was divided in groups, and each group was scheduled on a certain day of the week to clean at the end of the school day. (This was back in the 80s and 90s.)

    There are a lot of lessons from that aside from cleanliness, such as responsibility, teamwork, and respect for school property.

    For sure, learning good values and good behaviour starts at home and should be added to and reinforced in schools.

  2. You sure got this right! Recently, our compound began some much needed renovations to the outside space and the buildings. Within in days everything was destroyed. Playground equipment, benches – even a newly finished building was painted all over the outside with graffiti and someone took a key and scratched up all of the new wooden doors. Appalling, really!!

    One time, my kids and i went to park for a picnic. We watched a family pick up and pile into their car leaving an ugly mess of trash near us. My kids were so disgusted, THEY went and started cleaning it up. The family sat in the car and watched them in disbelief.

    I really don’t know what the solution is, as many parents don’t really seem to care either.

    cheers, Maggie

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