Live in Bahrain and work in Saudi!

if you hear the news you must know about King Abdullah visit to Kingdom of Bahrain,

Today, the Bahraini Television was all about the Bahraini-Saudi relationship.

what i’ll be talking about is an interview of some of Bahraini high rank officials, that mad me wondering.

what does that really mean?

They Said, how Bahrain is being a getaway for non-Saudi who work in Saudi and live in Bahrain, and go on daily bases using the King Fahad Cusway

They said about Saudi women, come and enjoy the freedom of driving, and shopping and do what ever they feel like whenever the feel like.

They said, how Bahrain freedom way of life is attractive to Saudi.

They Said, that most students in Bahrain universities are Saudi’s

while they keep talking “and i know they did not mean harm” but it sounded to me at least that Bahrain was heaven and Saudi was hell.

I hope you dear readers to get the point I’m trying to make here.

just a thought, felt like sharing

ahhhh,that been said!


5 comments on “Live in Bahrain and work in Saudi!

  1. I used to live in Bahrain for 2 1/2 years and I missed it very much when I had to leave and return back to the US. Then when I got to KSA, I missed it even more! I used to beg my husband if we could move to Bahrain. But the problem is high unemployment even for Bahrainis and the visa problem for me. KSA is heaven for some and hell for others, depends on how your life is here no?

  2. I really hope i can live in bahrain, get visa there, Since my fiancee is saudi and im indonesia, and he is below 35, there is no way for me getting visa to saudi, esp Im christian. I really wish me and myfuture husband from saudi can live here, while he works in saudi. is it diffculy getting visa to bahrain?

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