WITN 003

so in the past three weeks there been many news involving women in Saudi, I bring to you three here

  • Female students at the University of King Abdulaziz file complaints against Professor foreign promote Christianity and ask women to take off there hejab. here
  • The Organization of the Islamic Conference that it sent two Saudi women to monitor elections in Sudan. here
  • Saudi Ministry of Labor denies there are any unemployed females hold a Ph.D  here

Point one:

okay so the teacher make hard exams, so blame her “me being a stereotype” will I’m not sure what that really means. maybe some girls really took her words, and thats just a maybe.

Point two:

we are so good to send them abroad, we need more like them in the HOUSE “house as in saudi” >.<  this news make me mad more then happy.

people take adavntage of our good hard working women, and here we shut them down. now i’m SO MAD.

Point three:

that means that no Ph.D holder have registered at the ministry looking for a job, that also mean there there COULD be women with Ph.D and not employed. whats this news about anyway????

ahhhh, that been said!


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