Molestation and Pedophilia Paradise

This news make me sick,


the story goes as a 65 year old Monster “i can’t call it a man” wants to marry an 11 year old girl,

went to the hospital to make the Pre-marriage check up, they found he has viral Hepatitis B, what is even sadder, the father AND the mother of the girl came to the hospital to speed up the paper works.

by law if the check up showed anything, the other partner in this case the 11 year old girl would be asked if she still want to go ahead with the marriage!

yeah go and ask the 11 year old!!!! or batter her Father would put an end to this, NOT!

this has to stop, this has to end NOW!

just four days ago a young girl from Yemen Died, her sexual organs was ripped and bleeding.

whats happening here????

I can see the near future, Saudi as a tourist destination for child Molesters and Pedophile!

OH! thats Right, Non-Saudi can’t marry Saudi, we are saved >.<


when this will ever stop?

we need to enforce a law that would STOP this.

a follow blogger wrote this

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