Friends Pain, is my pain

I always thought I knew how she felt,

I always thought I could help,

no matter how close I get,

I knew nothing,

what kind of a friend that would make me?

she wrote a few words,

that showed me how deep is the pain, and how strong she is,

read for your selves,

don’t judge, just feel her pain.


Today .tomorrow a year from now

written by Zeze Pearl 13th of April, 2010

Lot of scary shit have been happening in the past from being raped to my brother trying to shoot me to the guy that tried to throw acid on my face ,alot is going now death threats and hate by complete strangers who just hate that im not a hypocrite liar who would act in a way just to satisfy my society ..

Lately i’ve been thinking what if the worst is not over and didn’t start what if more bad things will happen ,how can i prevent it? specially that police wont listen to a transsexual person , and its not a normal solution to stay home forever and never go out ..

Am I that threatening to the society ? that they wish me dead !! is it hard for them to accept the simple truth that its not a choice ,who is crazy enough to choose something that danger specially in this country ..

I just hope a year from now things get better , a year from now more people stand up and give people like me a chance to live , a year from now we can live a normal life , a year from now i can finally LIVE WITH OUT BEING AFRAID.


to live with out fear is her goal,

is that too much to ask?

I hope that coming years is easier

Ahhhh, that been said!

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