Saudi Transsexuals

I came across a very interesting topic about SRS or Sex Reassignment Surgery, in Saudi Arabia.

for you people who don’t know what SRS is, it’s when a Male change his sex to female or the other way around.

here is the topic in english as the link above is in Arabic for my non-Arabic readers:

A long waiting list of up to three years for sex change operations in Jeddah and a doctor who specializes Announces conduct 400 operations of this kind so far ..!

Said head of the Center to identify and correct gender at the university hospital in Jeddah, Dr. Yasser Jamal that he have a long waiting list for SRS surgery, sex change up to three years, revealing that he have  conduct it some 400 surgical correction of the sex so far in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Jamal  said to Hayat news paper, according to the newspaper that he refuses to conduct SRS surgery that fall under what is known as «the loss of identity», if the man was incomplete masculinity and wants to change his sex to female, or vice versa, on the grounds that it is not permissible in Islam.

And the head of the Center to identify and correct gender at the university hospital, that 93 percent of patients who underwent surgery sex change did not exceed two years in age, and 7 percent of patients were older then two years of age, 38 years old was the oldest age he underwent surgery correction».

He stressed the importance that society deals with those who change their sex properly, «a person who change her sex to male mentioned we have to deal with it on that basis, and vice versa», pointing out that’s different with the dealing with people who have done the surgery to correct their sex are harmed psychologically, and denies them live in the community safely.

It is note worthy that Saudi Arabia is one of the lowest region in cases of sex change compared with the population, Iran occupies the first rank in a correction and turn the race for the degree to which called her “the transgender heaven.”

that been said, I see this is a good indecation to some extent that the government is doing what is best for the people, might not make everyone happy. but it’s a good thing.

It does make me think why the long delays, and why there are still people flee out of Saudi and change there sex and live out of Saudi as the ar not granted to do such thing. fact is that a SRS does not happen over night out side of Saudi, if he/she granted to undergo SRS it’s after minimum of 2 years of observation and many transitions.

as you may notice that 97% is done for people under two years old.

what about the other people who is suffering, who do they turn to?

There are some women trapped in mans body and the other way around. to answer this; Based on Dr. Tariq Al-Habbeb on this video on youtube about Sexual Identity Disorder, gives a clear view about SID and SRS from Islamic prospective and how it should be viewed.

the point that is fascinating to me is when he said that human we are souls not bodies, the out side body is a cover or a crust, it is the soul that matter, so it might be a man trapped in a womens body or a women in a mans body.

he said that this would show most of the time at a very young age, but due to how our society is shaped many transsexual live in denial at first, as no one around them seem to understand them or what they are going through , so they try to live just to fit in.

we as being part of the society, I hope we do our part by helping or at least accepting them in our society and don’t out cast them.

hope this post might help to make it clear to people who don’t understand what SID and SRS.

Ahhhh, that been said!


8 comments on “Saudi Transsexuals

  1. Still its not helping cause tariq habeeb is talking about transgenders people and there rights , but Dr.yasser he only do the surgery for intersex people not trans cause our sweet society still cant believe that a person can be born a female in a male body or the exact opposite

    • it always the society isn’t it.

      it’s a step, might not help today, but might in the future.

      this society needs to be more informed about this issue and many other.

      lets hope for the best


  2. I don’t get how Dr. Jamal thinks his operations are okay, but the “sex identity” ones are haraam. Aren’t we changing Allah’s creation in both instances? If we have the medical knowledge to alleviate suffering, why can’t we use it across the board? Allah creates the physical body and the inner disposition. Based on what you said, Dr. Habbeb’s approach sounds more rational to me. (I think the vid’s in Arabic, right?)
    Now we have the ability to help people, but beforetime how were we supposed to deal with these issues Islamically? Were such people put on Earth only to be ridiculed or ostracized? I think not! Maybe it’s a test of compassion and acceptance of differences for humanity at large. (Which we inevitably seem to be failing, don’t we?) And if we look at it with this broader lens, then there should be no discrimination in who we help now that we have the means to do it.


    • it always in Arabic aint that a fish 😉

      thats the point of the post,
      Dr.Jamal is talking about kids born a male but the sex orgens are hidden, here was a case a few years back about an 18 year old girl who became a boy.
      she lived all her life as a girl, she didn’t look much like a girl, she didn’t develop breasts she has facial hair and such, by the age 18 she started to have pains under her belly, went to the doctor to find out she is actually a he.

      Dr.Habbeb was attacked ny many islamic scholers for saying what he said, not so many people agree with his point.

      what I’m trying to say, there are people out there and thats not there case, the are women trapped in a mans body and the other way around. they need help.
      if you read my post Gay Talk & Sexual Abuse

      you might see how some of my friends are suffering, not by society, but from there own families.

      the issue need to be understood, we know that god said in his holy book that men who act like women are casted away from gods mercy and the other way around, but here it’s not the case here.
      they are not acting.

      from Islamic point of view this life is only a testing ground, we do our best in life to gain the prize, right?


      • Yeh, maybe you misunderstood me. I fully agree with your point. Of course, many Muslim scholars would be against Dr. Habbeb because 1) they view that internal struggles are always the person’s problem due to some deviance or environmental factor and not a result of natural creation; they are a test, and the individual himself always has the power to rectify it (unfortunately, even mental illnesses are often viewed this way) 2) this big emphasis on the differentiation between masculine and feminine makes it impossible for them to consider that Allah would create a person with feelings of the opposite gender… BUT we can see that He created persons with mixed physical characteristics, as you described, so I don’t know why it is so much of a stretch to believe that there can be internal inconsistencies too. Alhamdullilah, we have the medical knowledge now to help all these people and make them more comfortable, and we shouldn’t be discriminating on inner vs. outer manifestations. Like I say, I view this more as a test for society’s understanding and compassion than one for the individual.

        As far as masculine and feminine – there are so many proofs that this is not a black and white issue – so this religious emphasis is the result of either misinterpretation or fabricated hadeeth – take your pick. Think about it – there’s really no reason for such focus except that it serves somebody’s agenda. And guess who that is, as usual – men! (No offense :))

        I hope Allah opens a way for your friends and others like them to get the help they need and deserve.

        Peace, Maggie

  3. Thank you so much for you explanation about SRS in Saudi Arabia, very informative and very important to the Community of Transsexual people in the world. I see this as real progress in the Arab World. I am so grateful that you took the time to explain what the good Dr. was saying. It give me real hope for the world and our humanity. I especially like the explanation about the bodies being the crust or shell for the soul, this is a much better explanation than the Christian interpretation which totally frowns upon such procedures. Thank you again my friend. All my best to you and yours.

    Sincerely, Daphne

  4. Hi, Daphne.

    Please know that in Christianity, the body is considered the temple of the soul.

    There are those that would frown upon such procedures (whether or not it is a real medical situation), because SRS can easily be perceived as a thing within the homosexual realm. Christianity and Islam both frown upon homosexuality.

    Having said that, however, I don’t believe in condemning transsexuals. Let God be their judge, just as He is my judge. In my view, we all share the same humanity.

    I know a few transsexuals and gay guys and have heard their personal stories. Most of them are successful and happy for being who they are. Then there are those who are still struggling with deep, unshakable unhappiness because they are still straddling the male/female domain.

    No one deserves to be condemned by society (whatever the reasons are, religious or not) for being “different”.

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