Free Saudi Women

It’s about time don’t you think?

click here for the news on Alarabiya

this is the Translation ^.^ for non Arabic Readers 😉

Ladies Branch has issued Civil Status Department in Dammam (in eastern Saudi Arabia) with a new women’s national identity, as the first management conditions of women in the Kingdom of the new card is issued without the requirement of Muharram, which allows for Saudi women to travel in the GCC.

Not unlike the e-card features on new women’s card currently used by men, being a Saudi citizenship card, and is designed to accommodate the many services that can be embodied in one card, an alternative to a magnetic card, with the adoption of a national identity card to be one of the pillars of e-government applications, and its advantages it also valid for entering the Council GCC, according to today’s newspaper Saudi Arabia on Wednesday 31/3/2010.

Explained team member training director of the Civil Status Department in Riyadh “Mona Dosari”, the new card technology uses laser engraving, one of the techniques developed in the world, and touches on the security for the new card stated that it is in writing accurate, security, graphics, fonts of different thickness, and the thumbnail image, and the information inscribed on the optical tape, and appearance of the word “image” when shooting background of the card, in addition to the raw material made from them that bears the features of privacy, and this is what protects and prevents them from fraud.

Dosari expected to be issuing between 35 – 40 a national identity card Women in the day as it depends on the absorptive capacity of the Contrat case, expected to start in place since Saturday.

and the actions required for issuance of national identity, women’s women’s department supervisor confirmed the conditions of Dammam, Al-Ghamdi nice that there are many facilities for women because women do not need the presence of forbidden and is needed is to bring a passport or proof of identity, pointing out that the new card based system footprint, and is an alternative to the passport, but between the Gulf States only.

She stated that the extraction of the national identity will be limited to women who lodged requests for new or expired Btaqathn magnetic excluded At the same time be extracted compulsory national identity for women, but optional.

praised the Princess Jawahir Bint Nayef this achievement that will serve women in all their dealings, stressing the need to make it easier for citizens of procedures for issuing national identity

many women do travel alone, we men have to suffer and go thru Passport desks to get approvel passess to allow our to go.

now that it happen I’m happy for every man who had to go and wait and do paper works.

seeing some of the comment of angry men that are no approving such move makes me wonder what this fear is all about????

there are some saying  is this Islam? and what about the teaching of Islam???

but really what does it show???!!

for me I see a man thinks he is losing control, and he thinks “some might know” his women would run away, but why i ask again????…

think about it, i think you all are smart to find out for your self.

all we need to do next is let them drive and I’ll be in heaven ^.^

I think a good family and most are will be happy with such thing, my uncle will be happy my father and many of my friends who have women in his Family work, study or go shopping in Bahrain.

but women must have passport to begin with, so men do have some control after all 😉

Ahhhh, that been said!


7 comments on “Free Saudi Women

  1. I think that guys who aren’t pleased by this don’t realize that by freeing the women, they are freeing themselves, too.

    I often go to the next city alone and my job sometimes requires me to travel to other regions in the country.

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