WITN 002

  1. 18 year old girl caught by the police for killing her 60 year old mother and 23 year old brother in Besha  South of Saudi Arabia here
  2. A 20 year old girl planning on suing her late husband 80 years old and the judge for not informing her she was divorced for 10 years, she was married as a 10 year old girl and returned to her parents home after six month of marriage, in Dammam, Saudi Arabia here
  3. A high school girl ran away while a man tried to abduct her in front of her home, he tried to force her into his car but she managed to escape Khobar Saudi arabia, he said he would try again. here

Point one:

one big happy family >.< we will never know why?

Point two:

OMG! no comment what sooooooo everrrrrrrrrr

Point three:

she would kick his @ss, again. you go girl ^.^


By saudimajix Posted in Random

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