Memories 002

While reading a blog about Wild Wednesday Traffic in Riyadh @ EchoDepiction

I remembered things while I was working in Riyadh.

I think, Riyadh is a wild place, and every time I go out there it’s an adventure.
I never no what I’ll see or what I’ll get.

but I know we agreed on something, Riyadh Traffic ;)

I remember while I was working in Riyadh,
in early morning, as I wear my three piece suite. and go out to warm up my car, and see kids going walking to school.
as I get into my car, top down, sun glasses on, hat’s on, music blasting with Love and hate collide by Def Leppard.
and start my epic ride to work,
at the traffic signal, everybody is looking ^.^ I keep on moving my head to the music.
I notice a girl, I tilt my head and take off my hat or just tap it, the smile I get is worth it.
kids look with playful eyes, waving, I wave back.
An older guy with a beard would hand me a tape of anasheed or Quran, I smile and thank him.
a group of guys would scream nasty words, the best I liked my self “who the hell you think you are MJ “king of pop”” lol I ignore them.
as I get on the high way, a faster beat, trance or techno maybe. as I arrive to the work place.
park my car, go into the office, wishing every gloomy face I see with a smile and good morning, I get the look “what are you smiling all for” or “BITE me look” lol

I moved from Riyadh, and I miss it to some extant.

look at the bright side, you were smiling all the way ^.^
I sure did :D


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