Memories 001

Today @ Half Saudis FaceBook group,

I posted a Go Green on the wall,

Nora asked what is???

Mira asked if it was because of St. Patty’s day?.

I said “well, three things Jenadria, St.  patty’s and earth Hour! GOOO GREEEN

all major cities in Saudi Arabia will join EARTH HOUR this year on 27 march 2010 from 20:30 to 21:30 hrs..

Most of the group said they will join, I invite everyone to join.

but we agreed on one thing,

we might turn off everything but Air-conditions ^.^

that reminded me of a story

my grand mother, the woman who raised my Father,

while sitting by the fire as she was making me tea,

“Majid, do you know who created the Air Condition” she asked.

I told her “I think it’s Carrier”, from the sound of the name she asked “the name sound non Muslim”,

I told her “yes he is Christian maybe Jew I’m not sure”.

she told me “he is going to heaven inshallah”,

I asked “why would you think that?”.

she said” because all of the Muslims dowa “Muslim people prayers””دعوات المسلمين””

I smiled.

felt like sharing, I wish that all people would be simple and wish the best for anybody and everybody.

man I miss her T.T


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