Abaya Car Wash!

I just came pass this news,
A woman in her 50’s at a mall car park in Riyadh, offering to wash cars for SR10, to feed her children!

as I read on, she had been threatened by some shoppers they would call the police. As working like this is not allowed by the authorities, it’s considered begging.

she said to the reporter that most men when she offers to wash their car, would give her what ever it is and don’t allow her to wash the car.
she said only one Non-Saudi let her wash his car and paid her for her work.
the idea came to her by a Pakistani Taxi driver, who knew she needed the money, he told her why not wash cars?

a by stander said ” let the women be, she is working hard to feed her kids, and nothing is wrong with that, she is net begging”

A woman on her way out of the mall gave what she could to her and said”at least she is working, she must be in need”



I take off my hat for this woman, who did what she could to feed her kids.
not just asking for money, but earning it.
there is nothing wrong in working.

what you guys think????

ahhhh, that been said!


8 comments on “Abaya Car Wash!

  1. This is something that a lot of people take for granted…

    Life isn’t that easy anymore, women have to go out into the streets and seek ways to make ends meet. It’s unkind to comment negatively about it, especially if the ways in consideration are not bad ones. At least she is not begging.

    It’s also an indicator that women are being left by their sources of financial support- men. If guys can’t bear to see their womenfolk doing this, they should take the responsibility so that their mother or sisters or even wives wouldn’t have to go to the extent of washing cars.

    Again it’s also an indicator that there are a lot of poor people around; a lot of us just don’t choose to notice this fact.

    There’s nothing wrong in earning a decent living.

  2. The best kind of money is halal work by your own hands! This woman is taking the more honorable course than begging. People should support her and help her support her family as much as they can. May Allah increase her rizq ameen.

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  4. This reminds me of when we were in the U.S. two years ago, and my daughters wanted to wash cars to raise money for a local animal shelter. They were so proud of working and earning the money and had quite a good neighborhood business going, but the minute my Arab husband found out about it, he was incensed!! His daughters were not going to stoop to car washing!

    That said, there are a couple of issues this story brings to light. First off, is the one that coralbead touched on – a man as the source of financial support. It’s my dream that no woman should have to rely on a man for support. Who knows what happened to this woman’s husband? Perhaps he is ill or disabled? Maybe she is a widow or divorced? Anything could happen, even if you plan the ideal Islamic scenario with the man as the bread winner and the woman at home to raise the children. Whatever the case, women’s education, as opposed to a doctrine emphasizing men as our “maintainers” is the only thing to stop such a heartwrenching situation. The other issue is the Arab world’s view of manual labor in general and that only people of a certain social status do it. I find this incredibly sad. Good honest work, is good honest work. I applaud this woman, and may her actions and intentions be rewarded tenfold, ameen!

    By the way, Majed, i dropped in from Riem’s blog. Am enjoying your posts. You’ve got some thoughtful stuff going on here.



  5. I started working as a waiter ^.^

    not really a waiter a bus boy, all I do is clean up tables and reset them up, take dirty dishes to the dishwasher ^.^

    you should see the looks I got, you should see and hear so called friends.

    but one thing happened made me feel I can do this, as with all people around me putting me down.

    I was working morning shift, breakfast and there was that guy in his 50’s he asked me for the bill as I was walking by, so i got him his bill, I said here you go in my Saudi accent ^.^ he was surprised and asked if I were a Saudi I tld him yes I am, his bill was SR95 he gave me SR500 bill as I got him back the change he told me to keep the change, told him it was too much, he said you deserve it more then my own son who is sleeping at home and does nothing.

    it made me happy, so there are good people out there.

    I had some people that had respect for me that they would help me clean the table out of respect not pity.

    I also had people who was like, why do you work such a low class job!

    but hey look at me now and eat your heart out people ^.^

    thank you for dropping by ^.^ I’ll be thanking Riem too ^.^

  6. @Introspection: When I was talking about men as sources of support, I was talking about the traditional set-up. Of course not everyone has to follow this if they don’t want to, but in a place where men are still admittedly the dominant force in society, at least men should be aware of their duties as husbands, and fathers, and do them!

    On the extreme side, there are women with good careers, good pay, and yet are considered as meal-tickets by their parents and siblings, without taking consideration that these ladies have their own life to live, too. You can’t have your cake, and eat it too all the time.

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