Why English and not Arabic?

I have been asked that by my mom and follow friends,

“Why do you write in English and not in Arabic?”

to tell you the truth,

I started writing in Arabic,

and I was not happy,

you should have seen the comments,

since I write about topics that are a taboo in our society, I have been targeted by a group of people who don’t take reason or at least discuss the topic.

They take things for granted, and let someone think on their behalf.

I felt that I was the only one that see things the way I saw it. I had few people supporting me, but with time they fade away.

when I switched to English, I found that I was not the only one that have such views in any matter or any topic. Sure, I had my share of people disagreeing with me, but that didn’t change the fact we actually discussed it.

I’m seeking Educated, open minded, people that are thinkers, and know whats right and whats wrong, and most of all don’t need someone to tell them what to do or what that they should be doing.

so now you know why English and not Arabic.

ahhhh, that been said!


8 comments on “Why English and not Arabic?

  1. Majid, this reminds me of something from sociolinguistics class. It’s called the Sapir -Whorf Hypothesis. It says that your language can actually narrow down or open up your mind about things. If your language is the sort that has many taboos, then people are likely to have negative views about that subject. Different languages, different viewpoints, different words. Hence, when you write in Arabic, you would of course get many criticisms. But then not all people are like that.

    But then in English, people would still criticize, but then they are not as vicious as those who’d comment in Arabic. Why? because English somehow helps you to express yourself in ways no other languages can, especially when it comes to issues that are taboo for most yet are actually important issues.

    What do you think?

    • sociolinguistics, Sapir and Whorf Hypothesis !!!!

      OMG! feels like one of your classes doesn’t it??

      I think I’ll stick with English, some posts will be in French and German to practice ^.^

      other then that Arabic can wait for sometime it is my native tongue ^.^

      even while talking to my friends in Arabic, I always seem to use English words and try my best to find what is it in Arabic >.<

      I'm so englishy ^.^

  2. You’re absolutely right. English has become an international language, allowing people to communicate on a common ground without the cultural expectations that tag along with their native language. I personally can’t express myself in Arabic as well as I can in English.

    • well to tell you the truth I’m not so good in expressing my self in Arabic >.<

      and I really don't like to attract narrow minded people here, I have had some in the past.
      the post would be like a war zone, if you can read Arabic, check out comments on Youtube and on FB and some of the news groups that are in Arabic, you might know why I stay away from Arabic.

      at least writing in English, most people are well educated to at least discuss matters.

      I might do some Arabic writings in the future but not now.


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