And they Call My Views Crazy!

What would you say if I said lets demolish Al-Haram Al-Makki for what so ever reason?

Muslim or not you would think I have gone mad.

Well some one already did, Yousef Al-Ahmed, due to the mixing of the sexes in Al-Harm “Makkah Mosque” he think demolishing it, and rebuilding it as to ensure the segregation of the sexes.

what the hell is going on here!!!

people think I’m the crazy guy with crazy ideas and writing about taboo topics.

Al-barak first by stating killing who ever promote mixing the sexes, now this, I’m just waiting for whats next!!

I really want to know what these people are thinking, what kind of thinking!!!

I have learned that when is there is a problem we solve it, the set back and see the cause of the problem. are we doing that?

The king is taking it upon him self, talking to the world about Islam, and trying to fix the image of Islam world wide.

And what these people do???!!!!

We need to re think this for a second and start here from within, we have to agree among our selves first. or at least thats what I think.

we are going back to the stone age, even before Islam existed!. we have our own Taliban here in our own back yard.

These people are far more dangerous then the terrorist that pick up arms, because these people lead to such thing.

I see a grim future, but as always I hope for the best.

and hope our, or at least my voice is heard.

Ahhhh, that been said


6 comments on “And they Call My Views Crazy!

  1. segregation CANNOT be applied ALL the time…perhaps these pseudo-Islamists think tooooooooo much of what could happen that they just see the whole forest, not the trees.

  2. I think segregating the sexes here creates an unhealthy situation and actually creates more problems for the society than the segregation is trying to prevent. It’s a totally unnatural and unfair solution to restrict everyone because just a few might not be able to handle themselves properly. But as I see it, segregating people like this only causes SEX to be on their minds all the time. The vast majority of people who live in mixed societies manage to coexist without any problems like this archaic idea attempts to thwart. One of my biggest gripes about life here….

    • I have said it before and I will say it again,
      these people who come up with such things can’t control their sexual needs.
      most of them would marry more then four,
      i’m not saying all but most do.
      just because of few, we all have to suffer!!!
      As you said, it’s unhealthy and unnatural.

      thank you for dropping by ^.^


  3. Well, i’m not Saudi, but i’ve lived here for many years and i try to remain hopeful that change is a comin’. Actually i think these outrageous fatwas and proposals are a rather panicked reaction to the fact that this society is steadily moving forward and the religious elite may lose control. They see the more educated and well-travelled people, and they know they can’t hold onto the status quo rationally anymore. Just my take, anyway.


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