WITN 001

WITN “Women In The NEWS”

this is the first of a series I’m starting,

I’ll be posting this as frequent as I can based on the number of the news I collect.

some are old, some are funny, some are just sad

  1. 83% of women working force work in the education sector “http://www.amanjordan.org/a-news/wmview.php?ArtID=23690
  2. A man complain to the authorities becouse of his wife beating him, and the last time was in front of his relatives. “http://www.amanjordan.org/a-news/wmview.php?ArtID=23685
  3. Dammam Public library cancel the rule of women must bring a mahram.”http://www.amanjordan.org/a-news/wmview.php?ArtID=23685
  4. 76% of women unemployed are University graduates. “http://www.amanjordan.org/a-news/wmview.php?ArtID=24105
  5. a female doctor was arrested for driving an amblance to go with her friends to the mall in Taif. “http://www.news-sa.com/snews/1087–4-.html
  6. A Saudi Female “well-known” doctor accuse the health ministry of  the death of many patients  in government hospitals for not providing medication. “http://www.news-sa.com/snews/1079-2010-03-11-12-59-40.html

hope to see your comments on this news,

to know what exactly point you are commenting on, add the number ^.^

I find it funny that most news about Saudi is found on non-Saudi websites ^.^

ahhhh, that been said!


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