Jasmine Talk interviewed my MOMMY!

My mom had an recording session with Saudi Channel One TV.

the show is called “حديث الياسمين” Jasmine Talk it was aired on Saturday the 6th of February @ 11 pm

I Have received a digital copy,

I have  upload it to my YT channel.

part one  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-t_5b1zuvU

Part two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJt50ymk6uQ

My mom is Najat M. Bager, a working mom, raised my two younger brothers Tariq, Saad and myself on her own.

She is public figure in the women society in the Eastern Province, and Kingdom wide in general.

Member of most women active communities and charities.

She talking about herself as a working Saudi woman in the field of Education and Journalism.

There are some topics too, but the covered mosty the education as the interview was cut short.

I’m happy for my mom, as this is the first time she will actually appear on TV as before it’s was only phone calls and radio shows.

In the photo is my mother when she was 6 month old ^.^

Ahhhh, that been said!


PS” hope I’ll be doing my own Interview with her ^.^

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