Road fever!

If you live in Dammam, there have been and still partially closed roads for maintenance, I must add for the past three year! maybe more I lost count.

And now the fever has moved to Khobar, and THEY say it’s for 18 months “YEAH RIGHT”

HRHP Faisal bin Fahad street AKA Pepsi street been closed for I don’t know how long. as soon the opened it, it’s been closed again today.

I have been going in circles >..<

so I thought I was smart, go to narrow roads, to find out they are closed too.

and many other, it feels I’m Boxed in, no way out and no way in.

THEY are very good at closing roads and forgetting about them.

it took me 45 min “and I think i was lucky” to get out of my house to AQRABIA, Prince Hmood street to Dhahran road, Al Dossary Complex, that is only crossing ONE road, I can’t even walk there.

Rashed mall area is a DISASTER ZONE on weekend such as this one, service road closed and only way to go there is thru one way streets.

down town, all road are closed,

No prior notice, you just wake up and find it closed, why would the people need to know anyway! right?

it’s MESS, and the solutions are even messier.

I just would like to know only in the back 72 hours how many accidents had happened due to the POOR management.

I know it’s for the good, BUT COME ON, this management is a joke.

municipality, traffic police and who ever else is involved it’s a JOKE.

Photos will be added as soon I take them in the morning, and a video that would show me going from point A to point B for you guys to see what I’m talking about.

Ahhhh, that been said!


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