Gay Talk & Sexual Abuse

So here goes nothing…

For you people who don’t know me, I’m a 31 year old Saudi male that is NOT married. My younger brother already married.

I don’t want to get married PERIOD. It’s just, I know myself too well, and I know marriage is not for me, why do I feel like I need to explain myself, I don’t really know!!!

Few days after my younger brother engagement, I was invited to a fashion show in Bahrain, and after that there was this party where they have dancing salsa and tango, you can pick up a partner and teach you some moves, and it was a blast. It was sponsored by the Philippines embassy.

I had to extra tickets, so who should I take with me; I took my Mother and our maid since she is from the Philippine.

That night, my mom met some of my friends, whom were fashion designers and dancers, both sexes male and female. and 90% of them were gay ^.^

mom had fun chatting with some of my friends, asked her if she felt like leaving the place, but she was happy, I thought change of her daily habits did her good. Or was it something else???

The next evening,

as I have very close relationship with my mother, she called me into her room, as she was sitting on her desk working, she switched glasses and asked me to close the door and sit.

My mom asking me to sit means something big is coming, I sat, and she looked at me and

Mom asked: Majid, Are you gay?

I said: does it matter? Or is it because I don’t want to get married?

Mom: I’ll still love you, you are my son, I want to help you but I need to know.
Just like that, I was shocked, horrified didn’t know what to say or do.

The rest is between me and her ^.^

I don’t think it important for you the dear reader to Know if I were gay or not, my sexual orientation is not the issue here.

I don’t know what the big deal, people would just ask out of the blue if I were gay or not?
man, even if I were gay I don’t think I would like to share such Sensitive information with a person I don’t know ^.^

This made me think of my gay friends and how they can’t have a real talk with their Mother or Father.

I feel sorry for a gay friend of mine, who is being JAILED in his own room by his family. Abused by his older brother and beaten. It’s just sad.
I feel sorry for a friend who doesn’t know what the outside world look like because he feels she is a woman and no one seem to understand HER.
I feel sorry for this society that condemns its own people before even understanding them or at least hearing them out.

Gay people here, do jail time.
Gay people here get put down and called names “you don’t need to be real gay, you just need to look like one!!!”,
Gay people here, get the death penalty I didn’t hear about any, and I hope nothing happened that I don’t know about
Gay people here are condemned by the society, Family, friend EVERYBODY!
Gay actions are condemned by the Islamic law.

Yet there are gay people, and people who stay gay.

If it was any other case, we as people tend to change based on outside factors that does not help us or don’t make our life easy.

I saw a few years back a documentary about Gay Muslims, and the point was, these people who are gay believe in Islam. Wanted to be known as gay Muslims. Even while known what the Islam thinks of gay people, they think they have the right to believe in whatever they want.
It’s not only Islam but most religions condemn gay activities.

The thing is, Gay people if they seek help, and usually helps means seeking people that would hear them out and not judge them; it turns to trying to fix that gay person, judging them and casting them away.

Do gay people need to be fixed???

This topic is a taboo, any topic that has a religion point of view that being said. That is final.

I don’t want to go in all religion talk.

But just think of it as a human, use logic. What can we do to help gay people?

A friend told me “gay people can be as gay as they want in your closed society, as long that they don’t publicly campaign for equal gay rights. Not in Saudi.”
And I agree with her, last thing you want to do is to have gay rights movement at such time,

I see more pressing issues that we need to work on first.

Such thing is Sexual Abuse

When I see the kind of abuse that happen to gay people or just any male or female I can’t stop but wonder what I can do to help.

Many times I have said, what I see in our society is “are not really gay people, sexuality is usually about getting laid and since it’s hard in our society to mix or be with the other sex, Homosexuality was the solution”

Here is a small story:

There was this kid he was 5 year old, That kid was wearing short on a hot summer day, a blue car stopped and a police officer came out, wow, a police man the kid was thinking, the officer approached the kid and asked him about the building next to his house and took him to the roof, and did what he had planned to do.
The kid was crying and screaming of pain and fear, the police man ran away, the kid went back to his mom crying, he told her what happened, she called his dad who was at work, he came, and took his kid to the roof place and the kid showed him what happened. Then took his kid to the police station and reported it.

I always had a phobia from police officers, when I get stopped by them for reason, my legs can’t carry me, I have short of breath and I shake.
I never understood why.

Yes, the kid was me, now I know; I never knew until recently, it was like a dream, I asked my mom about it she was surprised that I would remember.

another small story,

A girl was being abused sexually by her uncle, her own father brother; she didn’t know what to do or whom to talk to.

A teacher noticed her, she was smart but not anymore her grades are going down, she opened her heart to her, and she was shocked when she heard her story.

What been done you ask?, the father was contacted, who when got home beaten his own girl and accused her of lying, how could she say something like this about his own brother, the girl tried to kill herself after that.

No more school,

No more family,

No more life to live.

There are many stories like this, a complete stranger, a family member or a person of power.

We need to do something about it.

There are people out there that can help, but not in the right place or if they are don’t have the right tools.

Our society is so good at hiding the truth, and living in denial as if such things don’t happen in an Islamic society.

Sadly it does, and we need to something before it too late, it’s already late.

Ahhhh, that being said!

Note: I share my own story as I think this is a very important subject. I don’t like to add or talk about things just because of word a person said. I like to check and research to be 100% sure.

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  1. I salute your courage to share your thoughts and experiences… They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… (i sometimes doubt it but in other times think that perhaps the wording is wrong… Not only does it make us stronger but it makes us more sensitive to the world around us… i don’t know)
    while I don’t think of myself as a fatalist I truly believe that there is a plan for all of us – even if sadly – it means suffering and pain… the road is long but eventually , with will, it becomes smoother
    Your mom is an extraordinary woman. The more I hear stories about her, the more she impresses me.
    People everywhere, are too quick to question other people’s sexuality. Recently when I cut my hair very short I was advised not to other wise some might think I was a lessie … on a number of occasions i was accused of being a man hater lesbian, even in the US, because I expressed equality between the sexes, .
    I have a few disagreements (of course I do… otherwise i wouldn’t be me)
    1) Gay actions are condemned by the Islamic law (or rather by the interpretation of Islamic law) there is NOTHING in Quran that condemns homosexuality. While Sodomy and Gamora (or Qawm Lut as we know it) were said to be punished for their homosexuality most religious scholars (of all religions ) neglected their other immoral activities ..( in any of your friends are interested I can give them the e-mail of an gay Imam in the US)
    2) You believe that “Our society is so good at hiding the truth…” while it is true but on the bright side thing are progressing. Which is better than nothing… perhaps this where blogs come in handy. People share their stories and victims comes together…. again, its not a major step but still an important one…
    3) Are you drawing a link homosexuality to sexual abuse … i will wait for your answer before I comment any further
    4) Nawal Al-saadawi writes in one of her books that what happens after the sexual abuse is more important than the act itself… how the family, parents, react when they find about the abuse. This will heavily effect how that child will view sex.
    5) I came across this book(its been sitting in my Amazon cart for a while now.. one day I will get it.. i read a few pages from it is.. and from what I read i liked it a lot…. I don’t know the author personally but we belong to a mailing list : .

    • Thank you Riem for your kind words.

      Point one: I know that silly :p but as you know me I don’t discuss religion. the documentary I saw was with many Muslim Immams and some said what you mentioned.

      Point two: I do agree with you about the blogs, but lets face it, most people I know are busy on online gaming and chatting. and in the real life what does not concern me is not my problem. change is there, the fact I wrote this and discussing it with you is a step forward, and in the right way.

      Point three: if you asked me a few years back I would have said yes, but now I’m sure there is no link. it’s a choice that a man or a woman make, but what I feel that this abuse might and mostly will cause more abuse.

      Point four: Family has a very important role in everything, after the abuse it’s differ from one person to another, as a kid I feared police, I was scared by them, I didn’t know what he was doing was sex, all what it was to me he tried to hurt me. my family role was minor in this case, as A child I guess no body thought how deep it could be, I never understood my fear till recently, so abuse leave it’s mark on us a life time, now it’s my turn to deal with it.

      Point five: I’ll be checking it out

      thank you again for your inputs


  2. I wanted to start with a story of one my friends who is now gay, she is actually looks 100% male.
    she told me and my dad her story once, my dad reach a conclusion about her situation. which is: she is trying to delete that chapter of her life and the only thing she can do is, reborn as a new person, which is now a Male, a strong male that people fear to be in a physical contact with.
    Actually she didn’t accept my dad diagnosis, my dad came to me and said, son u know why she refused my diagnosis?, because she wanna live in this world she built where she feels safe. and refuse any clue thats indicates that this world she created for her self is not true.

    about the laws in Saudi, in some way its harsh on gays, but its not actually the laws majid, its the Society. gay friends I know in jeddah were caught in fights with other people and they look gay, but the police release them, after settling the fight case. they don’t care unless you disturb the peace.
    what is the society ? its out mothers our father our cousins everyone ..
    Let me tell you something shocking, in Idaho State, the state I am living in. if someone is gay he or she can be kicked out of the job by their boss if they know. and they are OK with this law here. why? because the society is Ok with it.
    Humans are Humans man we will never change.

  3. i will start with point 4. what i meant is a victim who does not have the family’s support (is accused of making up stories or “asking for it” etc.) might have more problems than a victim who has the family’s support…
    Aside from that, child abuse awarness hardly talks about what emotions the parents go through. true the child is the victim but the parents also suffer.

    “abuse leaves a mark on us a life time…” but we make the choice to deal with it or not and how…..

    point 3) as you know, i have no problems with homosexuals , its their life and this does not make them less human. however, i do think that there are psychological as well as biological and other reasons behind being gay..btw, do you really think “it’s a choice that a man or a woman make” if a person has a choice then gay people can make the choice to be un-gay.

    by saying “abuse might and mostly will cause more abuse” it does not give free will… i as a person choose not to abuse others .. it is as simple as that… perhaps its good to think that as to be more forgiving towards abusers but i totally disagree with you on this

  4. when I said “abuse might and mostly will cause more abuse” I mean by it whats happening, sure everyone has a choice, but you see abuse occur over and over again within a family as if it’s an excuse, the new abuser would be a victim too in my opinion.

    UNLESS help was there to intervene.

    some people would learn, and just have a commitment not to be like the abuser, bust most will repeat the cycle over again.

    I just talked to my mom about this, and she told me I was actually a lil over 3 years old. she couldn’t forgive her self, cause she said it was only 10 minutes I was not in her sight, she blamed her self, my dad blamed her too. and it was a gut passing thru, who heard me scream and cry,
    you are right not only the victim suffer but people around him/her too.

  5. Sorry to hear about your abuse, I do not know what to tell u.

    There is a hadith in which prophet Mohammad advised the ladies not to let the gay guy sit with them anymore… but that was it, he was never banished nor killed… so I think that is what the Islamic stance on gays is… never heard of a prosecution in the early days for being gay.

    Nice blog mate 🙂

  6. I’m really sorry to hear about your story! I can’t imagine how you live with the memories of that awful day. My friend and I have discussed more than once about the strict gender segregation in KSA. We think that it feeds a lot of the sexual misbehavior between opposite sexes (what you can’t have, makes you want it more) AND creates situations where the same sex turns to each other for more than friendship.

    Oh and you sure do know how to tease people about your sexual preference, I bet you get a kick out of that and have loads of fun with it lol

    • thank you for your kind words,

      you might have heard in the news lately a sheik Al-Barak said that who ever promote for mixing the sexes is not a Muslim and should be asked to refrain if not he/she should be killed.
      I must say most people misunderstood this, he said it’s HARAM if it was INTENDED for haram activities and actions. this is the fatwa :it’s in Arabic will try to find and English one” and this it say his website is being blocked

      I guess as most Muslim would agree with that, as long mix is not intended for haram actions, then it’s okay.
      or at least thats what I understood from it.

      this is another topic, freedom of speech, and how mis understanding would lead to such actions.

      you see, when ever an issue is raised only the dark side is being discussed, mixing could lead to bad things.
      there is something called closing the door on things that would lead to anything BAD.
      if that was the case I can give you a HUGE list of things.
      but through History, things change, stated with telegrams as it was thought it was work of the devil, television, mobile phones with camera and how it started with a ban, then limited access then became normal.
      I hope people would be frank and see the pros and cons and take it from that prospective.

      And yes, I do have a kick at it, even my mom thinks I drive people mad in that regards.


      • Yes I remember reading about the Shaykh’s fatwa and I admit that I thought his ruling was a little far-fetched at first. But now that you have explained it or shall I say, translated the Arabic meaning into English better than the news, I can understand where he’s coming from. I agree that if we are gonna mingle with the opposite sex, we should not do so with the niyyah to commit evil.

      • I am not sure if i understood you correct but what i understood disappointed me
        the so called sheikh claims that if the mixing led to “haram” then those who promote mixing of the sexes are guilty of “تحليل الحرام “ and therefore are no longer Muslims.

        1)until when will Muslims need a “baby sitter” to dictate how they live their lives or practice their religion.
        2) Even if two adults mingled w/ “bad intentions” this would still not be a reason to call a Muslim kafir
        3) Nowhere in Islam does it say that a Murtad should be killed
        4) let’s assume it was his intention to mean what you suggested why didn’t he clarify a bit more… in this case then he is guilty of playing and manipulating his words . People who follow his fatwa didn’t read

        فإن الاختلاط بين الرجال والنساء في ميادين العمل والتعليم ـ وهو المنشود للعصرانيين ـ حرامٌ؛
        Period…. That was very clear what he said

        Call me a hypocrite.. but as much as I claim to believe to free speech but such speech that promotes hate and killing, especially in this day in age, should be eliminated.

      • I see your Point Riem, and I agree with every word.

        will be back and talk more about this as I’m busy at the moment.


        Ich sehe Ihren Punkt Riem, und ich stimme mit jedem Wort überein, das Sie sagten.

        wird zurück sein und mehr darüber sprechen, wie ich im Moment beschäftigt bin.


        PS: is that right?

  7. Kudos to you for even bringing this topic up and further more sharing your story! It’s extremely sad people are so cruel in judging others based on sexual orientation. I think everyone I know automatically shuts down when I bring up equal human rights regarding this issue. I really don’t like it when they automatically scream: “Well, if they’re like THAT, then they’re not Muslim.” It’s such a silly statement because in the end God is the one who will decide what is wrong or right, not you! Also, even if you consider it a sin, isn’t it better they have “hasanat” to make up for their “sayiat”? What someone does in his or her personal life has nothing to do with how good of a person he or she is. How would those who criticize feel if they were in the shoes of the people they criticize? They preach tolerance (especially regarding religion) yet they can NOT tolerate things themselves.

  8. Standing O to you for this post! As part of a personal re-evaluation of Islam, I’ve ended up doing quite a bit of reading on the subject of homosexuality, so i first off want to affirm Riem’s statement that there is a lot that puts into question the traditional interpretations. Finding what they’re looking for? Maybe. But, for me, there is nothing at this point that says one interpretation is better than the other, and if I add in my logic and modern science, I’m more inclined to reject the narrow views. Nuf said on that point. In answer to your question, what can we do to help? Cultivate in ourselves and teach our kids simple compassion. For me, this goes beyond the classic definition as a feeling of deep sympathy for the suffering of others and a desire to help alleviate that suffering. I’d like to extend that to making an effort to learn the viewpoint of other people with the goal of truly feeling, to the best of our ability, their experience. It also involves appreciating the unique gifts that each individual can bring to the table. Nothing in life is black and white, but unfortunately too many Muslims see it that way. True compassion precludes judgment, prejudice and arrogance. True compassion, to me, is acceptance without the need to convert other people to our way of thinking and acting. Qur’an tells us, “We made you nations and tribes so that you may know one another, not so that you despise one another.” The objective is to learn from our differences. What an amazing concept in two short lines. The whole key to world peace and harmony!
    You are obviously a compassionate person, and quite honestly, your childhood experience probably helped to shape that. Now you are making what contribution you can to the issue by writing about it. Because of people like you, more and more are waking up to the realities – I know I certainly am. So keep up the good work.
    Blessings, Maggie

  9. I thought Saudis know a lot about Islam but after reading your post I’m quite taken aback. You don’t seem to have any problem with being gay [I ain’t saying that you’re a gay], even though it’s clearly stated in the Holy Qura’n that homosexuality is haram. I don’t get you.

    • Dear Maria,
      most Saudi do know what Islam is all about,
      yet most don’t follow it by the book.

      people smoke, it’s bad for you, yet people still do it, it is stated in the quran not to do things that are bad for you.

      most people drink, and it is haram, and many many other examples.

      I’m here not to say whats halal or whats haram, most people know that fact.

  10. So, you’re sayin’ that if other people do it then why not me? It’s so shameful & you guys are shameless. People of Saudiarabia, the birth place of Islam, highlight such bad things! I reckon it is even worse than doing it secretly.

    • I say, live and let other live.

      the point here, that you seem missing is, people here are being hypocrite.

      they do what they want cuz they can, and deny others what they want to do.

      gay, drinking, going out on a date,Hejab, women driving, mix of the genders or wearing a jeans and going to a government office.

      at some level people here, tolerate some issue cuz they have no problem with, on the other hand when a topic they don’t like they would be all Muslim,and they become the defenders of Islam.

      I say again, live and let others live.

      but we are here not to judge anyone, who are we anyway.

      • Now you’re accusing me of being hypocrite. You know what? You’re OUTTA WORDS. You don’t know what to say that’s why you’re blabbin’ like this. Accept that you’re wrong in highlighting the filthy gay thingy.

  11. Maria,
    1) What gives you the right to insult people and deem them as “shameless”?
    2) Just because people of Saudi come from the land of the “the birth of Islam” does not mean they are superior to other Muslims…
    3) By giving yourself the “moral right” to criticize other people, you are giving people the right to criticize you… and it starts like this “shame on you from judging others and for giving yourself a role only – thankfully- God plays”
    4) I really hope you don’t turn out to be Muslim because it would be “shameful” that a Muslim would rather waist her time being self righteous than to pray to God to guide others…

    • The hadith below may answer some of your questions. As for the rest of your questions,I don’t ‘ve much time for such childish question cos’ I’ve my IGCSE’s exams next month, but I’ll answer your questions after my exams cos sometimes it’s useful to answer people like yewh . You may gimme your e-mail address.
      عن أبي سعيد الخدري رضي الله عنه ، قال : سمعت رسول الله صلي الله عليه وسلم يقول : ( من رأى منكم منكرًا فلغيره بيده ، فإن لم يستطع فبلسانه ، فإن لم يستطع فبقلبه ، وذلك أضعـف الإيمان ).
      رواه مسلم
      On the authority of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri, radiyallahu ‘anhu, who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, say:
      “When any one of you sees anything that is disapproved (of by Allah), let him change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then let him change it with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then let him change it with his heart, though that is the weakest (kind of) faith.”
      And yeah, sweetie pie I’m a Muslim.
      P.S=Majid, If you came face to face then I may knock you down. ;]

      • @ Maria,
        you’re gettting ready for your IGCSE exam!!! ohh you’re just a baby….i dont know if its cute that you believe that adult talk is childish…

        no thannks… i dont accept e-mails from Self rightous haters… since youre a Muslim then act in the spirit of Islam!!! Have you heard of دين المعاملة
        or does your understanding of your religion only
        onsists of judging others!!
        we have a saying in conflict managment “never argue with an idiot”

  12. Maria- Why are you being so mean? Majid has so far been very cordial towards you. Unless Majid openly declares that he’s gay then his sexual orientation is between him and Allah. This is his blog and he can discuss whatever he wants, you are a guest on his blog and if you don’t have anything good to say then remain silent. Your attitude is abrasive, if I was a new Muslim wanting to learn about Islam and specifically the ruling for homosexuality in Islam, I would be so turned off by your commentary. You are apparently trying to follow the hadith you posted and change something with your hands but please remember that when we Muslims want to correct someone, it should be done gently and in private. May Allah guide us all ameen

  13. Riem, my dear Riem, it isn’t adult talk. Your question [2] was so childish. If your mother wrote a book, you’d be the one knowing most about the book and the author,right, sugarbabe? You need to knock some sense in yourself,kiddie.

    • Maria, and no need to refer to me as dear because its not true and in your words.. i support the flith (or thats how you see it) .. so dont kid yourself with words

      how is question 2 childish… why dont you try disucssing matters with people instead of attacking them! … i mearly stated an opinion that beging born saudi, in the birth of Islam, does not make a person any more or less Muslim then a convert or Muslim who grew up somwhere else..

      Come to think of it.. i come from Makkah.. hummm so according to your theory i should do straight to Heaven…. cool deal don’t yeah think?

      surely if i wrote a book i would know everything about it.. but what does that have to do with knowing about Islam through living in Saudi….. we are talking here about a religion (a very complex issue and very much different from writing a book.

      and sugababe.. another thing.. sence is very objective…

      i am always open for disucssion as long as you are willing to “disucss” and not argue or play wrong/right game

      • I never said that if you`re from Makkah then you`re gonna go straight to heaven.Ofcourse, your deeds will lead you to heaven or hell. I meant that you guys know more about Islam than us, the non-Saudis. Your culture is a lot different than ours. You guys grow up in a strict country and in an Islamic environment. You learn about Islam since childhood. And you guys are really luck in this thing. And I’m sayin`this after experience. And yeah sorry, Riem, for being harsh.

      • well i was being sarcastic 🙂 obviously. btw, who is we ?
        you might be right about the exposure but over exposure is also unhealthy…
        i have met many converts who know are more knowledgeable about islam than other born Muslims. The converts (without generalizing ) became Muslims out of convections and they continue searching for knowledge. born Muslims, however, tend to preform islam out of a habit and social pressure. So, to a certain degree converts and Muslims in the west have advantages.
        in addition, as you know there are many interpretations in Islam . Most of these interpretations have become intermingled with culture that sometimes you cant tell them from a part

        now for the homosexuality part: you think their acts are filth and immoral .. etc .. thats your call but don’t you think that by shunning them you are pushing them further away?
        Prophet Mohammed
        why not ask God to show them the right way instead of damning them?
        why is that with religion is has to be either 100 percent or nothing at all..

  14. I guess Maria just proved my point,
    people tend to use what ever they seem they want from Islam.

    I wish she could be more civil, as it seems to me she take everything personally.

    anyway, good luck on your exam Maria ^.^

  15. Riem, the converts are very few and Arabs are in majority. You guys speak arabic and Quran is also in arabic. You guys understand it when you read the Quran and everything you say during Salah. We don’t understand a word. We’ve to go for the meaning in our language. You can’t say that converts know more about Islam than arabs. If you compare, you’ll see that an arab child of 12 years will know more about Islam than a non-arab child of 12 years.
    As for religion being 100 percent, I never said that. No one is perfect. But this gay thingy is so filthy that its hard to take it easy. Riem, just think about it. Being a gay is so filthy.
    Anyways, gtg

    • You are underestimating converts in both their numbers and capabilities. Where do Asian Muslims fit in your Arabic vs. converts debate?
      It’s true that Arab Muslims have the advantage of understanding Arabic but the Quran was written in an Arabic used 1400 years ago. A lot in the language has changed since then. if understanding words of the Quran came natural the Arabic speakers then why do bookstores carry Arabic dictionaries?
      Besides, just because a person has knowledge doesn’t mean their belief is stronger. Converts have the opportunity to explore other beliefs and so their conversion comes out of convection, as appose to born Muslims, who may see their religion as part of their identity and cultural practice.
      Muslims, whether converts or born, should make it a priority to learn about their religion and shouldn’t depend on religious scholars to tell them how to go about with their religion.
      Another thing, converts have an advantage in that they can explore religion without being caught up in cultural practices. Born Muslims, can’t easily distinguish between religious practices and cultural practices. Now a days, Muslims converts have written a few excellent books on Islam, which, sadly, aren’t available in Arabic.

      Of course I generalized a lot in my post.

      “But this gay thingy is so filthy that its hard to take it easy”
      No one said it’s your job to take anything… its non of your business what other people do.. especially if it doesn’t harm you…
      It’s up to you what you think of homosexuality but in my book intolerance, acts of hate and discrimination is a bigger filth. At least acts of homosexuality isnt harmign other people …..

      • It isn’t a job. It’s a natural feeling. Don’t kid yourself. And why are you being so defensive? I’m just tryin’ to clear that the gay thing is HARAM in our religion and those who support things like this, which Allah and our Prophet has forbidden, he/she’s an evildoer him/herself and he/she also exits the fold of Islam. That’s it, Miss trying-to-be-know-it-all. And yeah, remember the curse of Allah on Prophet Lut’s people? The curse were set upon them cos of homosexualtiy. here’s the link:
        May Allah guide you and all other like yewh and save me from this insanity

  16. and the self righteous Muslim is back….
    Who is being offensive? You are the one who uses personal attack as means of disucssion…

    Did you actually just write “he/she also exits the fold of Islam” ??? This shows how much you know about Islam….homosexuality might be punishable but it does NOT exit a person from Islam…. Another thing, Don’t you know that it is a very big sin to denounce another Muslim as such?

    You might want to do some further reading, rather than relying on others, that the people of Prophet Lut were punished for other sins and not just homosexuality..
    but what should I expect from a person who uses Wikipedia as a valid source.. NEWFLASH: it’s NOT

    finally, if I were you I’d write “May Allah guide US” or do you consider yourself already guided.. if that’s the case then you are really misguided and arrogant I have no idea what/ who yewh is!! An Arabic word? you might wanna brush up on your Arabic before you talk about Islam……

    the discussion is finished and I will not reply to your offensive posts in this regards…. I don’t have time with your likes who don’t know how to properly communicate or have the interest in exchanging thoughts…..

    GOD help us all!!!!

    • Buhahahaha! You’re being so funny, Riem. ‘Brush up on your Arabic’ .LOL. yewh is you. haha! Anyways, I did NOT say that homosexuality exits a person from Islam. Open up your other eye, Riem. I said that who supports evil/sinful things, which Allah and his Prophet [S.A.W] has prohibited, exits the fold of Islam. YOu really need to knock some sense in yourself. =P
      P.S= You called me a baby, looks like you’re an oldie. HAha!

      • And yeah, I always recheck before believin’ the information on internet. It is mentioned in Quran, and not just one verse, there are many verses. Here’s one: (We also sent) Lut (as a messenger): behold, He said to his people, “Do ye do what is shameful though ye see (its iniquity)? Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant! But his people gave no other answer but this: they said, “Drive out the followers of Lut from your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” But We saved him and his family, except his wife; her We destined to be of those who lagged behind. And We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)!
        —Qur’an 27:54-58
        And Qur’an 7:80-84,Qur’an 11:69-83,Qur’an 26:159-175 and Qur’an 29:28-34.
        It’s clearly stated in Quran that they were punished cos of the sinful act of homosexuality.
        And if you still think that homosexuality is not a big sin and if you think that shunning people form sinful act is a bigger sin then I pray that may Allah guide you.

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