Women, femmes, γυναίκες, mujeres, donne, femei, kvinnor, mulheres, النساء manner, frauen, 二名婦女,人の女性, -زنان, naisten, נשים, महिलाओं, женщины, خواتین, Kadın, ผู้หญิง, perempuan, phụ nữ, marched, sievietes, kobiety wanawake, представниці слабкої, жене, וואָמען, nő, orang wanita, 명의 여자, žene, konur, wanita, mná…


4 comments on “WOMENS DAY!

  1. Thanks for your effort to acknowledge women’s day…I didn’t even realize yesterday was women’s day until I was watching CNN, and it aired a very brief segment of women protests in the Philippines. Ha! No girls/women I know in Saudi even cared to mention it even though most of them have minimal or no rights…where were they?!

  2. will a fun thing is what they do in Jordan,
    for one day they would let woman lead,
    in news papers ^.^

    where are the women??? I should be asking a woman about that.

    as a man I support woman, but if woman wouldn’t act who the hell I am to say anything.

    I might ask my mom that when I go back home, she is my inspiration, she is a hard working woman that means a lot to me.

    you can check her TV interview on my Youtube page ^.^

    as I can see, women are becoming more active and one day the shall reach their goals ^.^

    Thank you for dropping by ^.^


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