Toyota, Honda and Hyundai SHAME ON YOU!

Dear Corporate giant’s,


Dear Toyota,

I just bought a 2009 Toyota Camry, I was happy. my mom was happy

until I heard the news that your cars has a mind of it’s own,

I thank god for American consumer report, since people lives matter in the USA.

Quote “Toyota owners have complained of their vehicles speeding out of control despite efforts to slow down, sometimes resulting in deadly crashes. The government”USA”t has received complaints of 34 deaths linked to sudden acceleration of Toyota vehicles since 2000.”

original Article

so what about the rest of the world???

to be fair, Abdulatife Jameel “Toyota agent in Saudi” did ask people who own certain car models to come in for free check in tiny ad’s in a newspaper in very VERY tiny fine print.

Dear Honda,

air bag issue… a friend of mine bought a new Honda Accord, first week it was released in Saudi,

he bumped a side walk and the Air bag EXPLODED. at the time it said it was normal.

not until this month when the news was buzzing of car recalls around the world but not Saudi about Air BAGS EXPLODING.



Dear Hyundai,

security issues, you should see the Advertisment, it every where about the new Sonata, How good it looks and the colors and and and…. and the security issue is no where to be found.



so what did the government do???



Ahhhh, that been said!


4 comments on “Toyota, Honda and Hyundai SHAME ON YOU!

    • no, they say it’s not all the cars, only some with manufacture date that is showing on the car,

      will see next week, after a free check up. they told us it’s a steel piece would be changed under the the accelerator paddle.

      but as stated by Toyota it self one some cars, most were sold in the US and few all over the world.

  1. Remember what happened to the Toyota Prius?

    Big time car manufacturers should jam in their heads that the people trust their brand so they can’t be this sloppy!

    • will, I mistake is understandable, I guess since we get top product all the time from them, thats why we are upset when something bad happen.

      I hope they would work on that issues.

      plus the point of this is also to show the reaction of the agents here they act as if nothing happen.

      in good news,

      Honda agent “abdullah hashim” has asked people owners of Honda Odyssey to come for free check up to check on the air bags.

      thats good ^.^

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