Prevention of Vice new look

Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice,

thats a name I run away from, I never know what type of person i’m going to get,

I had my share, one time because of my hair, one time becuase of my shirt, being in a mall alone with out a family…etc.

until I met two that “kinda” changed my mind about them. there are few good men, that are well educated and spoken.

they are having new look, I like it now, easy to spot 😉

Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice need a change, but a new car look is not what I’m looking for…

hope it would be a start, not only make up to hide ugly things.

fact is they did a lot of good things, I like them when they help helpless girl being blackmailed by guy or the other way around. this is the headline @ AlRiyadh newspaper. it’s in Arabic to give you an idea what i’m talking about, it’s in english


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7 comments on “Prevention of Vice new look

  1. “Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, thats a name I run away from, I never know what type of person i’m going to get”

    LOL!!!! What was wrong with your hair?

    • lol,
      it was long,

      I’ll tell something,
      me and my friends talked about this before, we all agreed that if we get stopped by and government related office, Police, Traffic Police, Drug counter office or Bueru of investigation it would be okay, they have rules and the fallow that rules and if there was something bad it is very isolated.

      Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, all encounters been bad, mostly 99% is bad.

      thank you for passing by


      • Thank Allah I haven’t had a run-in with them and I hope to Allah I never well. One thing I find hypocritical is when after the iqamah they tell the men/boys to go pray in the masjid. Well why aren’t THEY in the masjid praying? We gotta start with ourselves before we start on others.

      • That issue been debated many times,
        I guess it’s okay, they can pray later, and enforce people to pray in the meantime.
        I don’t care really, I don’t go out only after Isha prayer 😉

        our maid has converted to Islam few years back,
        she came back from her day off and it’s on Friday,
        and told me why do Mottawa beat men with a stick,
        is that in Islam,
        I asked her what happened, she said it was prayer time and a group of mottawa’s came into the mall in Khobar that most ex-pacts visit on Friday, and started hitting men and asking them to pray, everyone even the non Muslim ones.
        I told her it is an action that is not practiced and not allowed, but it’s an sole act. no need to worry as you won’t see that. and it never happened again. thank god.

        I have two point here,
        that action, what idea would it pass to a person that is considering being a Muslim?

        two, what a newly Muslim think, who has not yet been approved a full Muslim, as he/she on trial period???

        good for you, but I must say not all of them are bad, nowadays they are more what should I say…. more civil ^.^


  2. Heeeey! Love your blogS, keep the great work up! Love the topics you bring up, we need more people like you 🙂


  3. i definitely adore all your writing type, very exciting,
    don’t give up and keep posting mainly because it just very well worth to read it.
    excited to look at a whole lot more of your own stories, have a good one 😉

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