In the MIX!

stopped at a speeding check point,
rolled down my window,
the officer ” you were speeding, your Iqama please and cars paper?”
with a smile I hand him my Saudi ID,
the officer blushing and feeling akward ” I’m sorry about that, I thought….”
“don’t worry, no harm was done” I said
The officer after reading my Family name ” your Shammari?”
I said “yes, I am”
The officer pointing at his own name tag ” wa alna’am, I’m Shammari too”
I said” good for you, I guess!”
he hand me my ID back and told me to go on my way, and I did.
then I thought what was that about me being speeding 😉
happens to me a lot, lucky me I guess ^.^
I’m considered 100% Saudi, really???
My Father is Saudi, his father is a Saudi, his fathers’  father was Saudi, man our tribe was here before there was a Saudi Arabia ^.^
That been said, I’m not really a Saudi in the eyes of my peers.
I don’t look like one ^.^ I sure don’t act like one,
makes me wonder what a Saudi look like O.o
Why I don’t look like a Saudi????
read on you might get a hint.
My Mother is Saudi, she was born a Saudi,
but her Father’s Father came from Iran when he was 9 years old,
and her Mother is from Eastern Turkmanstan, thats used to be a country south/west of china I think.
my mother side of the family look very much Asians ^.^ I got some of it in my blood ^.^
but as my mother side of the family still attached to the heritage they brought.
and MAN, do I love the food :p
My Mother is divorced and I live with her, and my two young brothers, Tariq Married, and Saad.
And YES my younger brother is married and I’m not. and please don’t go there “A blog on the way, WHY!” ^.^
My Mothers two sisters one older and one youngest are married to Egyptian,
her brother younger then my mom is Married to an American,
My mom Married a Saudi “DUH”,
so to sum it all we are one wild Family ^.^
as it all interesting mix I’m grateful ^.^
being IN THE MIX is good ^.^ it’s not all bad 😉
at least I didn’t get a speeding ticket 🙂
ahhhh, that been said!

6 comments on “In the MIX!

  1. Hiya fellow haflie,
    I did not know you were a Shamari… or even a qabeeli… (like it makes a difference).. you raise al lot of questions here….
    I think we discussed it before… what is the “Saudi look”? is there such a thing? Perhaps there is a majority look? or maybe it’s another stereotype that Saudis look a certain way?
    what makes a person saudi? a piece of paper? but then you exclude the x amount of expat, who grew up in saudi and only know SAUDI….

    • you know Riem I rewrote this few times because knowing myself I might make some people angry out there.

      as you said, we belong to this land that happen to be called Saudi, what if there was no Saudi, would we pack and leave?? go where…

      I feel sorry for people that live most of their lives here,and have no where else to call home,

      my friend is from Jordan, I have been to Jordan more then him ^.^

      what happens when he get old and retried where would he go, same case my mother friend, and the list keep going and going.

      I see people get the Saudi citizenship, a driver or a worker that works for let say a well connected people, don’t want to go there, they got lucky I guess.
      I see people, most well educated, that I wish they could be Saudi, they are a great asset for Saudi.

      I wish all the best for my friends who live here and call my home there home.

      thank you for your comment Riem, you sure know how to tic me.


  2. Yeah, being a mix is generally not so bad. Sure, we get into arguments about national identity and who we really are, but in the end we know that we’re blessed to understand more than one culture all too well.

    If you want to get critical, think of this. Who is really an American? No, not the blue-eyed blonds (such a shallow stereotype). The answer is Native Americans (American Indians) whose land was taken by European settlers. No one is purely one thing or the other, unless their ancestors refused to marry anyone outside of their family/tribe.

    • good point,

      the society as whole need a total upgrade, as a format would be impossible lol

      I think the new generation can do this, with proper education and understanding.

      thank you again for you kind comment, and hope to see you often ^.^


  3. Well, my dad’s a Muslim, and my mom’s family is Christian (Catholic), and even if they come from the same country their cultures are so different that they’re almost considered foreign. My dad’s got Malay ancestry and my mom had Indian and Chinese ancestors. Like you I love being a mix!

    Speaking of family names, my dad’s biological family’s name is quite respected, although we don’t use it. One time somebody at the cashier’s office wouldn’t deal with me because I didn’t have then “name”. Luckily one hot shot guy from the university’s admin came and recognized me, and I called out “Uncle!”. So the snobby beyotch was amazed and asked why the guy knew me. “But of course, she’s a grandniece of mine, and that makes her the uni president’s grandniece too!”

    Needless to say, the cashier was ashamed and took my payment. Hehe.

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